If you are suffering from acne, larger pores, wrinkles, fine lines, puffy eyes, or dark circles, this is the perfect time to take note. High-frequency technology boosts the amount of oxygen that the skin receives. This means it boosts the production of elastin and collagen production in the skin to address numerous skin issues.

What is a High-Frequency machine?

High-frequency machines make use of thermal energy to combat fine lines, acne wrinkles, wrinkles, larger pores, cellulite, and under-eye circles. High-frequency devices help to oxygenate your skin, and eliminate bacteria by contact. 

To combat aging, High frequency treatments boost cell renewal and improve circulation to boost collagen production and also improve the penetration of products for skin care and absorption. For the treatment of congested and acne-prone skin, The application of high-frequency currents to the skin kills the bacteria and decreases inflammation. This assists in treating existing acne and stopping the development of acne-related issues.

There are two kinds of high-frequency electrodes: argon gas and neon gas. The color of argon gas can be violet in color and is ideal for acne or oily skin. Neon gas can help fight aging.

High Frequency Wands

At-Home Vs. Professional Treatment

The home treatments require less energy and deliver less results than spa but are safer. However, a spa specific machine has more energy and can often only be used by certified professionals. Gauze is often used to boost oxygen levels and allow the device to glide more smoothly. 

There are some who be afflicted with redness, tingling or swelling following the procedure. To ensure that your skin doesn’t dry out:

  1. Do not use any home high-frequency device for too long or at an extremely high setting.
  2. Don’t use tools for more than three minutes in a single area. In the event that your skin appears irritated, it could cause inflammation.
  3. If you suffer from sensitive skin that is prone to eczema, rosacea or psoriasis, stay away from the affected areas when they are inflamed.
  4. Avoid using AHA and glycolic acid at high frequency. Also, avoid breaking spider veins or capillaries.

Ideally treatments that use high frequency should be performed in a spa by certified professionals. 

What do you need to know prior to a High-Frequency Facial

Before you start any at-home treatments or to get ready for an appointment at the spa, wash your face. It is also recommended to put off Retinoids for up to seven days prior to the treatment and avoid using harsh exfoliants at least seven days before. 

How To Prepare for a High-Frequency Treatment

It is essential to cleanse your face to prepare for a facial with high-frequency appropriately. We suggest complete rejuvenation of your skin with a gentle or antibacterial cleanser that is based on the type of skin you have. Because high-frequency treatments boost the flow of blood and oxygen to the skin’s tissue You’ll notice an improvement in the absorption of your skincare products and appearance almost immediately.

Before beginning the treatment it is important to avoid any excess oil or dirt. In this way, you can avoid the spread of infections or bacteria. Properly wash your face prior to performing a High Frequency Treatment.  After the treament apply a serum. The serums that help to maintain healthy collagen, have plant proteins, help reduce inflammation, aid in skin rejuvenation and have antibacterial properties are ideal. It is also recommended to stay clear of applying retinoids for five to seven days prior to treatment.

The Top At-Home High-Frequency Facial Machines

There are numerous powerful machineries for facials available on the market.  the best method to go about the search for your device is to make sure you are purchasing from a reputable and secure supplier. We take pride in not selling a product, but a solution. We back that solution with customer support and product testing backed by scientific data.

Potential negative effects from a high-frequency facial

Although it isn’t common for a facial to cause any adverse negative effects, we’ve identified the three most frequent side effects that can occur from an ultra-high-frequency facial. Keep in mind that any negative side effects of a facial are more likely to occur if you’re not trained as a professional or are rough with your skin. Make sure to follow the intructions and ease into thr treatments. Watch how your skin reacts and adjust the strength progressively.

Redness and irritation

High-frequency causes a variety of common side effects, such as facial redness and blotchy , dry skin. Additionally when the treatment is not done by a trained professional the risk is of breaking capillaries. It could also be due to the pressure of exfoliation and the extractions or chemicals employed for the treatment. So, don’t apply makeup or any other skin care products during the first day or two after a facial. If you’re in need plan a facial three days prior to a major occasion where you’d like to look and feel your best so that your face has time to fade the irritation.


When estheticians utilize their hands or instruments to eliminate the impurities out of pores, they are at risk of damaging the skin’s outer layer. Make sure that they wear gloves. Extractions that’re too aggressive could cause wounds and bleeding. If you cause skin damage it could cause scarring or infection. Always use gloves to protect yourself and lower the risk of developing disease when you perform at-home treatments.


One of the major purposes of a facial is to cleanse the skin and reveal the skin’s freshest layer on the skin’s surface. However, excessive exfoliation could leave the skin feeling dry and sensitive. People with dry skin should apply a moisturizer that’s light and fragrance-free. Avoiding sun exposure following an aesthetic procedure can assist in preventing any the irritation to your sensitive facial skin since UV rays only make things worse.

Benefits of Facials With High-Frequency

Treat Acne-prone skin

Everybody has experienced an acne moment or two and, most times it’s caused by dirt and acne-causing bacteria that are trapped in your pores. The pores are irritated, causing inflammation. High-frequency facials provide an antibacterial action that can help combat acne. Furthermore the high-frequency electric current improves skin’s texture overall. By supplying your skin with oxygen-rich substances in your skincare can help to heal faster. In the end, the acne scars diminish rapidly, and the health of your skin is restored with visible improvements after only one treatment.

Shrinks pores

As well as treating acne, high frequency can decrease the accumulation of bacteria and dirt on your skin. This could cause pores to stretch and make them appear larger. The high-frequency treatment destroys bacteria, it dries out your pores, making them to shrink and make less apparent.

Reduces the signs of wrinkled skin

The thermal effects of high-frequency treatments causes the blood vessels under the skin to shrink. This process eliminates toxins, while also hydrating the skin cells. In the end, blood circulation improves, which stimulates cell renewal. This warming effect can also increase the skin’s collagen and production of elastin. Additionally, the increased collagen can smooth wrinkles and fine lines by increasing blood flow in your skin, giving it noticeable softness.

Clears cellulite

Certain individuals are more susceptible to cellulite than others but it is a problem that can be a problem for everyone. The most commonly affected locations for the appearance of this condition are the buttocks and the thighs, but you might find some traces throughout the body too. While there’s no guarantee that permanent treatment can be used to treat the areas that are problematic, performing regular high-frequency sessions every day will lessen the impact of the condition because the electrical energy generated through these devices increase collagen production in the skin’s cells. This results in smoother, more attractive skin, but also improved overall elasticity.

Aftercare for a high-frequency facial

The results of a facial will last a few days when you don’t make appointments regularly but it can help your skin look and feel great. To make the most of facials (especially for those who have aging skin) make sure you follow these suggestions:

Stay hydrated

Apply a moisturizer or oil whenever you can. This will keep in all those moisture levels that you have put so much effort into. If you don’t properly hydrate it is possible to increase sebum production. Make sure you use only products designed for skin that is sensitive, as overdoing chemical treatments can cause irritation to delicate tissues much more than it did before. Exfoliate

We advise against exfoliating right away following your facial due to the potential for irritation, but the addition of this step to your routine of daily skincare keeps your skin smooth and soft. Maintaining your home care routine can help stop the buildup of oil that can dull your skin over time. be careful when rubbing the clean skin. Wait two days between exfoliating and apply the second layer of product (including moisturizer) and opt for milder products. 

Choose a product containing Vitamin C

The environmental factors are the main causes of wrinkles and dullness. The effects of air pollution and extreme temperatures can adversely impact your skin’s health creating dehydration and fine lines. We suggest adding the Vitamin C serum to your routine of skincare to guard against the negative effects of high-frequency treatments. This awe-inspiring ingredient helps brighten dull skin and improves collagen production for skin that is aging It also fights wrinkles and fights the damaging effects of free radicals. We recommend the Exquisite Vitamin C Brightening Anti-aging Collagen Hydrating Serum, for its ability maintain a healthy, toned and radiant look long once you’ve left your favourite spa.

Visit an esthetician

The most effective way to take care of the appearance of your skin is stick with a regimen that matches your personal needs and your skin type. It is recommended to see an esthetician, and following their advice. It’s best to have a facial scheduled once each month, even though you don’t receive a high-frequency treatment every time.

High-Frequency Facial Versus Microdermabrasion

Before we begin to look at the two it is crucial to understand what microdermabrasion is doing for your skin.

Microdermabrasion is not a invasive procedure and it can help to improve your skin’s texture and tone. It is also a great way to enhance the skin’s appearance from UV damage wrinkles lines, age spots, fine lines as well as the appearance of acne, scarring from melasma and much more.

The process employs a distinctive application that has rough surfaces to gently sand off the skin’s outer layer. A distinct microdermabrasion method disperses tiny small particles of oxygen molecules that are enriched composed of aluminum oxide. They suction for the same result.

Who could benefit from microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive procedure that is suitable for all types of skin. A few may opt to go through the procedure if they are struggling with any of the following skin problems:

  • wrinkles and fine lines
  • Hyperpigmentation and age spots and brown spots
  • Larger pores and blackheads
  • Acne
  • stretch marks
  • dull-looking skin
  • irregular skin tone and texture
  • Melasma
  • sun damage

What Does a High-Frequency Facial Have in Common with Microdermabrasion?

High-frequency facial It helps treat and prevent persistent cystic acne, reduce pores that are enlarged, and decrease the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and cellulite. This facial is a vital facial rejuvenation treatment for the industry of skin care since high frequency boosts cell regeneration, increases blood flow, and aids in the penetration of skin care products and absorption through subtle warming of the tissues. Treatments that use high frequency increase blood flow, aiding patients with acne-prone cysts improve the texture of their skin, and also provide an increase in oxygen supply to the cells of the skin.

The treatment of microdermabrasion: A special device-like vacuum is applied to on the face’s skin’s surface. It stimulates collagen and the growth of new skin cells by eliminating dead skin cells, revealing the younger, more radiant skin underneath. Microdermabrasion is suitable for all types of skin and tones, whether men or women. There is usually no irritation or downtime. This well-known treatment is gradual in encouraging blood circulation and has visible results as you use it. Some people even utilize this method to encourage healthy hair growth. You’ll notice smoother skin texture as well as a reduction in fine lines, lessening the appearance of dark spots more firm skin tone, and lessening the appearance of scars from acne. For an even greater performance the perfect pairing is Hydrodermabrasion! You can find a comparison between the dermabrasions here.

Microdermabrasion as well as high-frequency Improves the collagen-producing process, acne that is stubborn as well as enlarged pores fine lines, wrinkles as well as texture and cellulite.

Following microdermabrasion, DONT:

  • exercise
  • use saunas
  • expose skin to the sun
  • exfoliate
  • use retinol products

Following high-frequency facial treatments Do not:

  • Apply makeup for up to 8 hours.
  • expose skin to the sun
  • use retinol products
  • exfoliate

What can we learn from High-Frequency

There will be an impressive improvement in the appearance of your skin after applying high-frequency. However, only certain dermatologists will recommend the treatment of acne. So, you should consult with your dermatologist prior to obtaining high-frequency treatments for any kind of acne, particularly in the event that you intend to make use of an at-home device. High-frequency increases the oxygen levels within skin cells, enhancing the overall appearance, texture, and luminosity, and aids in combat acne issues. Furthermore, it stimulates collagen and elastin production, giving the skin with a more firm appearance. Find out more about the benefits

Is High-Frequency Safe?

High frequency is known to be effective for almost all types of skin. Furthermore the high-frequency facials are thought to be as a safe and gentle method to rejuvenating your skin, swiftly recovering and healing your skin.

Following a High-Frequency Facial

You can apply a skincare product that contains bentonite clay, sulfur salicylic acid to aid in creating lasting results after treatment. Don’t skip SPF during any routine for your skin, and search for products with Vitamin C (Exquisite Vitamin C Brightening Anti-aging Collagen Hydrating Serum). There are many other products for aftercare available:

Serums, as well as other skincare products that aid in aftercare

Post Treatment Aftercare Products

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