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Advanced Training Programfrom Exquisite Depot

The most advanced and comprehensive complimentary Online Training Course after the purchase of any Exquisite Depot equipment.
The Exquisite complimentary online training course is an excellent resource for anyone who has purchased their equipment. It provides advanced and comprehensive knowledge, flexible learning, and expert instruction, free of charge, and ongoing support and resources.

Our KnowledgeIs Your Strength

With each purchase you will receive completely FREE access to the customized online training course and Q&A session* with our educators. Q&A session is available in English.
Once the full online course is complete you will be able to book the one-on-one personal Q&A session on your Exquisite Depot device (*not eligible for devices below $500 and skincare) with our experienced licensed educators.
We aim to help you totally understand your new equipment and succeed in performing new treatments.
After you placed an order, you will receive an email with direct access to your Online Training Course.

OnlineTraining Course

In the training courses you will receive:
– Detailed user manuals
– Assembly and maintenance guidelines
Guaranteed Clients Business Course
– Video treatment tutorials
– Customized treatment protocols
– Clients forms and recommendations
– Marketing materials to promote your new service
– Social media kit for your Instagram and FaceBook pages.

Aesthetic EquipmentBusiness Accelerator Course

By following this course (that comes free with your machine purchase over $299) you can not only get your next several machines from us for FREE (thanks to this course) but you can change your business and your life substantially!


  1. Increase Sales by Increasing Clientele
  2. Increase Sales by Connecting with Your Clientele
  3. Increase Sales by Providing Value
  4. Increase Sales by Presenting the Product Effectively
  5. Increase the Number and Size of Transactions
  6. Increase Sales by Investing in Yourself
  7. Set up a Google Business profile
  8. Website Basics & Recommendations