Hydradermabrasion Machines

In the wake of its popularity, hydrodermabrasion has taken facial treatments to an entirely new level. This is the latest popular facial, and it’s focused on water retention. Similar in the way of results to microdermabrasion hydrodermabrasion facial machine gently scrubs the skin using water, without abrasive crystals. There’s no discomfort, there are no side negative effects, no irritation. Hydrodermabrasion facial devices place the emphasis on health and getting water back to your skin.

Hydrodermabrasion is a face rejuvenation treatment that cleanses and exfoliates, cleanses and hydrates the skin. Hydrodermabrasion machines help reduce hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and pores that are large.

The procedure can be carried out throughout the year. This makes hydrodermabrasion an ideal choice for every client.

What is the process by which a professional hydro dermabrasion machine operate?

Simply said, hydro microdermabrasion can be described as a machine without crystals that gently removes the top layer of skin with serums that are infused with vitamins. Once this top layer of dead, flaky skin cells and dirt is removed , a new layer of youthful, smooth skin appears. While it is suggested for all types of skin the procedure of dermabrasion that uses water is specially designed for those who have extremely sensitive skin. If you read reviews of hydrodermabrasion machines which claim that there is a reddening even though there are some, after a couple of hours or even an hour, you can help the person to get rid of intense discomfort.

Microdermabrasion and Hydradermabrasion machines are excellent tools for non-invasive facial treatments to remove dead cells, encouraging collagen production and improving the appearance of your skin.

Serums for treatment of Hydrodermabrasion

How do you select the best HydroDermabrasion Serums to fit your specific machine?

Simple. Use your “Four C’s” which is the combination of the four main requirements of the most effective HydroDermabrasiom serums:

  1. Concentration
  2. Content
  3. Consistency
  4. Cost


If you’re looking to get the most benefit from the treatment for hydrodermabrasion, and improve your customer’s trust, you’ll need to find a high-quality hydrodermabrasion product. Most of the hydro serums available are water-based and extremely dilute, and the amount of active ingredients is low, which makes the serums light and shallow. The greater the amount of active ingredients and the more sensitive the skin is and therefore fewer sessions are required to get the desired results. The majority of Exquisite’s Hydro Serums have high levels of active ingredients and contain the most well-known acids, for instance, Salicylic Acid for anti-acne and skin resurfacing purposes as well as Lactic Acid for mature acne and pigmentation problems.


In accordance with the skin concern different combinations of ingredients can be utilized to treat specific problems. By using the right and experienced mixture, the aesthetician can apply precise treatments with less products while getting greater outcomes. 


The majority of HydroDermabrasion products available do not offer a way to control the strength of the flow of serum, which could lead to the excessive use of the products in the process of treatment. This is why consistency is crucial in the case of a serum that has more of a water-like texture, it might flow through the system at a high rate. The best choice is a serum with a more dense and thicker consistency, so that it can be absorbed into the skin with greater effectiveness and with less loss.

Furthermore, more concentrated serums can lessen discomfort by preventing drips onto the skin.

What issues can the hydro skin machine address?

All skin types are compatible.

It is recommended for all types of skin including sensitive skin. Diamond microdermabrasion, an efficient way to keep your skin looking youthful healthy, clean and fresh may cause redness or small swelling. The equipment for hydrodermabrasion is specifically made to be used in the most sensitive cases. It’s a relaxing and relaxing method of keeping up to date with the latest and efficient skin care procedures.

Moisturizes dry skin, making wrinkles less noticeable

Skin that is dry appears fragile and unhealthy. It makes wrinkles and lines appear more obvious. The top professional hydro dermabrasion machine on the market will efficiently nourish the skin. Skin becomes more receptive and will fully absorb products for beauty such as serums and creams that contain vital hydrating components such as vitamins, retinol, and many other components. A better hydration level can help to minimize puffiness and wrinkles because moisturized skin pushes wrinkles out. However, for these purposes it is necessary to purchase an updated facial hydra device that is made by Exquisite.

Eliminates skin rashes

Hydrodermabrasion is often thought of as an option to treat Acne. It eliminates pores, removes oil and bacteria and eliminates the risk of the formation of pus.

Removes dirt and cleanses the glands that produce sebum.

Clean, polished skin with less obvious pores. Dead skin cells build up over time, and the skin turns dry and dry and flaky. Hydrodermabrasion machines help remove them faster and with less effort. Also, daily full-face makeup just adds more trouble since it gets into the pores, and can’t be removed completely without the right tools for abrasion. Exfoliation of dead cells and dirt make your skin appear younger and more radiant.

What are the Main Benefits of Hydro Microdermabrasion Machine?

There aren’t any side negative effects and there are no allergic reactions. The results of using the hydro microdermabrasion machines are immediately visible.

There are only few issues with the professionals diamond tip microdermabrasion that include skin inflammation or diabetes, infections (for instance Measles, Herpes or Chickenpox). It is recommended to wait at least two months following facial procedure.

Hydrodermabrasion equipment combines exfoliation cleaning, extraction, cleansing and the process of hydration. It provides effective treatments with amazing results. No downtime, no discomfort, and no irritation.

How do you perform hydrodermabrasion using the machine?

Place the client in a semi-reclining posture and ensure that hair is not in contact with their face.

Step 1 Cleansing

Do the cleanse manually (steamer optional) with a cleanser that is your preference.

Step 2 HydroDermabrasion

Select the work tip to use:

Apply treatment serum to the jar or onto the face directly based on the mode of application of the device.

Apply the appropriate exfoliating tip in accordance with the client’s skin.

Set the vacuum’s intensity to an appropriate level, based on the skin of your client.

During the process it is possible to gradually increase the intensity of the vacuum as needed.

Start at the neck’s base and decollete region and end at the forehead region.

Place the skin on one hand while gently moving the wand using the other hand.

Make a few or one long short strokes starting from the beginning place in the center in the direction of the peripheral. 

BASE – Do gentle exfoliation of the entire facial area by using one stroke per line.

Repeat the procedure two times if required in accordance with the condition of the skin.

Target – After exfoliation is gentle it is possible to go back to areas that require more care. (Such as scarring from acne or pigmentation marks, as well as wrinkles and fine lines.)

After removing the tip, the remaining liquid needs to be applied to the skin.

How efficient is hydrodermabrasion?

Hydroxydermabrasion facial machines provide instant results in the improvement of skin Clients can see cleaner pores and glowing skin, as well as better-looking and healthier skin.

Hydrodermabrasion vs Microneedling

Hydrodermabrasion facials are the most sought-after service on the market for aesthetics as a large number of practitioners like to combine the treatment with others, such as Microneedling. If you examine these two treatments against the two, the results will differ. Hydrodermabrasion machines focus on the epidermal layer of skin and works to remove dead skin cells and exfoliate them from the skin, revealing healthy and healthy beneath. In contrast micro-needling can be described as a gentle mesotherapy treatment in which the skin is injured by microchannels that reach the deep layers of the dermis (depending on the thickness of needles) The goal of this procedure is to increase collagen production by pressing the skin and causing micro-traumas inside the skin. Therefore, the most effective approach is to combine both procedures to obtain full skin rejuvenation results.

Hydrodermabrasion vs Microcurrent

Hydrodermabrasion is a treatment using a vacuum that uses microcurrent to deliver gentle electrical impulses to tone muscles and increase energy production at the level of cells. Different treatment targets yield different outcomes. However, the combination of microcurrent and hydrodermabrasion facial treatment is guaranteed to yield amazing results.

Hydrodermabrasion vs Dermaplane

Another very popular combination that is extremely popular is HydroDermabrasion along with Dermaplane. While both treatments are focused on superficial exfoliation of the skin, combining these two treatments will dramatically increase results of skin resurfacing. Dermaplane is generally the initial stage- dry exfoliation using medical blades. It is followed by chemical serums with microdermabrasion or hydrodermabrasion which can now be infused deeper into the skin, as the epidermal layer that is dry has already gone.

Hydrodermabrasion utilizing Oxygen Infusion Facial

Hydrodermabrasion machines help remove old skin cells off the surface by using vacuum suction. It can also extract sebum from the pores. Oxygen infusion facials don’t make use of vacuum suction, it is suitable for the skin that is most sensitive – even with broken or rosacea capillaries. Oxygen facials can help you achieve a better skin by deep hydration as well as skin infusion using serums. Oxygen facials won’t assist with blackheads, however. The mixture with Hydrodermabrasion along with Oxygen infusion is among the most effective combinations as well.

Hydrodermabrasion using Cryo Facial

HydroDermabrasion machine is able to provide results in exfoliation of the skin, while Cryo facial treatments focus on resurfacing the skin by boosting the production of collagen and elastic of the skin’s dermal. When you look at the two procedures, we can suggest that Hydrodermabrasion is primarily “skin cleanser” while Cryo Facial will be a “skin firmsing treatments”. Both treatments can be used in perfect harmony and bring incredible results when used as a customised treatment plan.

Who can do facial hydrodermabrasion treatment?

Hydrodermabrasion facial devices are class 1 device that is available to any licensed cosmetologist or esthetician.

It is essential for your clients to complete this Hydrodermabrasion consent form prior to procedure. This protects you as a practitioner, since all contraindications potential side effects, as well as any recommendations for after-care must be included on the consent form.

Best professional hydra dermabrasion machine or multifunction equipment? 

Before you purchase the Hydro Dermabrasion machine that will work best for you First and foremost consider what would best suit your requirements. There are multifunctional machines that are fantastic that include hydrofacial. Alongside hydrodermabrasion, they provide a variety of highly sought-after advanced cosmetic procedures. Hydra machines that are stationary yield a high ROI.

For skincare treatments it is important to look at the manufacturer. The brand must be well-known and reliable. It should also be well-known in the world of beauty. Great Customer Service should also be considered when purchasing facial hydrotherapy equipment to sell for your company.

At Exquisite We’re happy to partner with the most reputable firms in the field and provide a seamless customer service. You can also experience hydro microdermabrasion in our showroom. Be sure to test any future equipment before purchasing an aquafacial machines.

In this section there are Hydro Dermabrasion equipment. To recover the expense of the machine, you only have to do is to perform a minimum of 10 procedures. If you’re looking for excellent quality and reasonable rates for Hydrodermabrasion machines you’ve come to the right spot.

Our goal is to provide the best quality equipment, the most extensive range of equipment and the most efficient service to our clients. We also provide workshops to instruct customers on how to make use of our equipment.

Increase Your Facial Results With Hydro Dermabrasion Facial Treatment

It has been established over the last five years that the hydrodermabrasion facials are more effective than dry microdermabrasion procedure, thereby giving more immediate, high-impact clinical results that are visible to your clients.

  1. There is no need for dirty crystal particles

As opposed to the elegant Crystal microdermabrasion which leaves crystals on the skin after the treatment is finished The gentle, fluid Hydrodermabrasion machines make use of variations of diamond-tipand a the gentle handpiece of a raffle-tip to glide over the skin, removing the stratum corneum (dry and dead cells) and effectively exfoliate the skin surface leaving the youthful skin beneath. This safe and modern method to exfoliate completely removes the necessity for tiny crystals for exfoliation. It also was difficult to alter to the various skin types.

  1. The HydroDermabrasion facial is suitable for all types of skin

As opposed to the traditional diamond or crystal microdermabrasion techniques which provide only dry and fairly harsh abrasions Hydrodermabrasion however is a great option for sensitive skin or those who react. Hydrodermabrasion facials offer a variety options of diamonds that can be interchanged soft plastic tips, so that users can choose the best amount of exfoliation for the skin type of the client. This means that even those who have sensitive or sensitive skin types can benefit from hydrodermabrasion products.

  1. Hydrodermabrasion machines can exfoliate as well as instantly hydrate

The conventional dry microdermabrasion system typically exfoliate the skin using diamond chips or corundum crystals However, hydrodermabrasion machines permit to apply exfoliation procedures even at the deepest levels by simultaneously intensively hydrating skin using various serums. The sophisticated technique used in the hydrodermabrasion procedure allows the skin with nourishing corrective serums specific to the skin of the client’s issues, deep into the skin’s layers while it is ablated. After exfoliation, the skin is completely ready to take in the hydrating components that the serums contain.

  1. Hydradermabrasion facials are the most gentle treatment which works perfectly in conjunction with other treatments.

It is well-known that the hydrodermabrasion facial (hydra dermabrasion) is a fantastic standalone facial procedure, but it’s also an excellent element of a custom-designed layered treatment program to accelerate results for anti-aging and acne. The synergy created by Hydrodermabrasion combined with Radiofrequency, Microcurrent, or LED light therapy also known as Oxygen Infusion will help improve the appearance of skin and improve its clarity. assists in improving the firmness of skin and increase radiantness.