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Laser Hair Removal Machine Professional

Hairs that are not wanted on the body are prevalent on the legs, face as well as the chin, bikini line, and upper lip. However, it’s not possible to completely remove them. The use of shaving, tweezing, or applying creams does not always aid. It is an effective longer-lasting option. It eliminates hair follicles which cause hair growth. In addition, this treatment is completely safe. It is only aimed at hair that is coarse. Additionally, it does not damage the surrounding area. Find out more about the top professional laser equipment for hair removal.

There are a variety of lasers available that are available currently. This means that it isn’t simple to select the most efficient laser for hair removal. No matter if you’re either a medical or professional, it is essential to choose a laser that can give you the best results. A good machine also guarantees top-quality services. In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to be aware of about professional hair laser devices.

 Which is the most effective professionally-designed laser hair elimination device and how do you use it?

A laser is a machine that emits light at a precise wavelength. The beam of the laser typically has a specific single hue. Melanin absorbs energy that is emitted by the light within the hair. If the light energy transforms into heat, it damages hair follicles, which make hair. The surrounding tissue is damaged. Furthermore, it is important to direct the laser’s beam to particular cells. The goal of this technique is to protect tissues surrounding them and to remove hair permanently.

In the course of the procedure, a doctor will apply the laser onto the skin. You can apply a cooling gel or a cooling device to reduce the risk of side consequences. Following the procedure, it is possible to experience redness or swelling. It is possible to apply cold compresses to reduce discomfort.

What are the different skin types?

The Fitzpatrick skin classification system, developed in 1975 is old and subject to interpretation, but is stil used today to measure skin types and how the skin will react to the ultraviolet light. 

Professionals use it to determine the effectiveness of procedures to the skin. There is a chance that you may not have all the characteristics of a particular Fitzpatrick kind of skin.

It can also be challenging to recognize your skin type with the help of the below descriptors. A dermatologist could employ this classification system, in conjunction with your personal background and other information to determine the best settings for laser therapy.

The Fitzpatrick skin types comprise:

Fitzpatrick skin type classification Description
Fitzpatrick skin type I skin always burns, never tans, and is sensitive to UV exposure
Fitzpatrick skin type II skin burns easily and tans minimally
Fitzpatrick skin type III skin burns moderately and tans gradually to light brown
Fitzpatrick skin type IV skin burns minimally and always tans well to moderately brown
Fitzpatrick skin type V skin rarely burns and tans profusely to dark
Fitzpatrick skin type VI skin never burns, is deeply pigmented, and is least sensitive to UV exposure

If youre still not sure where you stand, THIS website has pictures of the different skin types for better reference.

 Best laser wavelengths to use for different skin types

There are a variety of laser devices available in the market. But, the most effective laser hair removal equipment uses long-pulsed lasers. The intense light signifies that the laser sits on the skin for longer than other lasers. Long-pulsed lasers rest on the skin longer than the short-pulsed laser. It’s about 1 second. Lasers with short pulses like the Q switch are placed in the skin’s layer for a brief period of time. Thus Q switch lasers can be used for procedures like tattoo removal. There are three wavelengths of lasers in the gold standard to remove hair.

 Alexandrite Laser (755 nm)

755nm is the one most suitable for skin types 1 3, 2, and 3. It’s an extremely efficient wavelength that is long-pulsed to remove hair. It also is also a melanin-absorbing rate. Melanin absorption is what makes it suitable for 4/5 or 6 skin types.

 Diode Laser (805 nm or 810 nm )

805 nm and 810 nm Diode laser has a moderate melanin absorption. Melanin absorption allows it to use with any kind of skins. It is less melanin-absorbing than 755nm, which makes it suitable for skins with darker tones.

If you are dealing with darker hair with a darker complexion it is necessary to lessen the intensity a less. The power is reduced, which reduces its effectiveness, people with dark complexion require more treatments.

 Yag Laser (1064 nm Nd)

1064 nm is the most secure wavelength of laser for a dark-skinned person as compared to 805nm and 810nm diode as well as 755nm Alexandrite. But, it’s not as efficient for types of skin like 1, 2 or 3. Yag Laser is the most common gold wavelength used for dark-toned skin.

What should you consider when you are buying a professional hair Laser elimination machine

Fiber Delivery Vs Diode Bar Technology

A professional hair laser removal machine has the handpiece that releases an intense laser beam on the skin. The handpiece could be diode bar technology, and a fiber supply system with variable spot sizes.

Diode bar technology

The diode lasers make use of the tip of the handpiece to contact an appropriate medium, such as clear ultrasound gel. The ultrasound gel keeps the skin relaxed as it lets the handpiece glide over the skin. However, diode laser hands come with a few drawbacks. They require a number of sessions to be effective. Additionally, certain people may consider ultrasound gel to be messy. Diode laser equipment is inexpensive and can be used throughout the day.

Fiber delivery system

Fiber refers to a glass cord. It is connected to the optics which produce laser beams that are emitted by the optics. Professional laser equipment which includes an optical fiber distribution system that can accommodate various sizes of spots. These sizes help make hair removal process more precise.

A high-quality hair laser removal machine that includes the fiber delivery system is regarded as high-end. You’ll get superior results because it is manufactured with high-end components. The high-quality components can lead to higher manufacturing costs. However, if you’re trying to get the best outcomes, then think about a fiber delivery method.

What should you think about when shopping for a device to remove hair with lasers?


When you choose the most professional hair laser removal device, you should set aside an amount. The specifications and expenses should be the guiding factor for costs. Lasers for cosmetic and professional use are expensive. The hair removal products that are commercial grade are available at a dermatologist’s office or a medical spa or in a plastic surgery clinic are constructed with high-quality components.


Laser hair removal equipment varies between $30,000 and $20,000. Fiber delivery for hair removal system that includes Alexandrite and Nd: Yag is the most effective. It is because they are of high-quality and deliver top results thanks to the high-end beam technology. They are priced at an average of between $85,000 and $200,000.

Diode Laser Technology hair removal device is thought to be the lowest end. It costs between $30,000 and $75,000. Budgeting is crucial when you are considering quality service and warranties on the amount you spend. If you are unable to purchase the equipment in full cash, you could arrange to finance or lease high-quality equipment.

Financing or Leasing

You must understand how this process works prior to either leasing or financing devices for removal of hair lasers. If you finance, you will be able to own the equipment when you have paid for it. However, leasing implies that you are required to return the device after the time period has expired.

If you opt for leasing or financing, you’ll be required to make an enormous amount of money towards the close of each month. But what is better than having the laser hair removal machine at the conclusion of a payment period? The terms of payment typically comprise the 36-to-60 months. The amount of payments you receive each month is contingent on a variety of variables. The main aspects are the financial health of your company, the length of time working in the field and the score of your credit.

Most of the time the new companies are faced with monthly payments that are high or higher interest rates because they are more risky. The financing process is easy as it requires only the three-month’s statements and one-page credit application.

Treatment Time

The faster the treatment the greater number of clients you can treat with your equipment. The length of the treatment depends on the power, speed and the size of the spot. A lot of patients will not be at ease during throughout the day. With the proper equipment and energy as well as large spots, patients are treated in record time. A satisfied customer is a good fit to your company. Additionally, you could provide more services or your client additional services using your equipment.


We reviewed the top wavelengths suitable for all kinds of skin in the previous article. Professional hair removal device that has two wavelengths is the most effective one, particularly if you live in a region with various skin kinds. If you are in an area with a variety of skin types, then the equipment with an alexandrite laser along with the 1064 nm nd Yag laser are the ideal. In addition the fact that these wavelengths are able to assist in a variety of treatments other than only hair removal.

Repair and maintenance

Another thing to think about before purchasing devices for removal of hair is maintenance and repair. The commercial hair laser machines are running continuously. You’ll need to service or repair the machines from time to time. It is important to pick top-quality, affordable services.

Some machines can feature disposable parts. It is crucial to inquire from the seller if the product you’re about to purchase includes disposable components. In addition, you must take into consideration the lifespan of the equipment. For instance, Diode handpieces are able to be used for as long as 10 , million pulses. The more of service it provides it, the longer the diode handpiece can last without needing to replace.


It is important to take into consideration multi-function capabilities when purchasing an expert Hair Laser Removal Machine. A majority of equipment comes with options for additional options. Additional options give you an opportunity to provide additional services that can increase your profits. Equipment that can be used to provide at least 20 various treatments is a great bargain. This is the ideal opportunity to build a successful medical spa. Treatments like tightening toning or skin veins and leg veins can bring your customers returning to come back for more.


A high-quality hair laser removal device is essential. It is recommended that you consider a variety of factors like speed, power and spot size. Highly efficient and speedy equipment with bigger spot sizes will help in reducing time to treat. For instance, larger spot sizes enable greater laser firing rates, which will cover the area affected quickly. This results in providing more customers. Effective equipment is not just effective in increasing profits, but also reducing time for clients.

The HD camera’s display adds to the efficiency. The HD camera allows you to see skin conditions or pigmentation that isn’t accessible by the naked eye. It’s a fantastic addition that allows you to demonstrate to your patient the condition you intend to treat.

Other features that are important

A good laser hair removal machine is specifically designed to provide a comfortable experience for the user. This is the reason you have be aware of features such as lasers and cooling of the skin. Also, you need to be attentive to technical aspects like your memory slots, the calibration process as well as pulse controls. Be sure you are pleased with these technical specifications as they are essential for ensuring quality services.

Commonly asked questions

Can I choose home lasers over professional lasers?

Lasers at home to remove hair are readily available. But, they’re not sufficient when compared to laser hair removal that is done by professionals. Based on the U.S Food and Drug Administration Lasers at home are to be cosmetic and not medical. So, they can’t give the same results as medical lasers.

Lasers that are used by professionals can remove hair for good?

Laser treatments can decrease the density of hair permanently or eliminate unneeded hair for good. When hair density is decreased permanently there will be a few hairs that increase after a single therapy session so you require regular treatments. In contrast permanent hair removal will eliminate the hair permanently following one treatment. Thus, patients do not require constant treatment.

The following factors affect the elimination of hair:

    • The color that you have on your face
    • Type and quality of laser
    • Color and thickness that you have in your hair
    • The experience and expertise of the person who operates the laser

Does the laser’s choice affect the selection?

Lasers can affect the way the treatment is performed and also the effects it has on patients. There are certain lasers that are suitable for this type of treatment. It is important to think about the kind of laser you choose and the way it affects the type of skin you have. It can help reduce the chance of damaging cells that produce melanin at the skin’s surface.

Can you laser Grey hair?

Red, white, grey and blonde hair do not have hair pigmentation (melanin). It is difficult to eliminate these hairs using a laser removal device. Lasers target hair pigmentation. If they aren’t available the laser is ineffective. The effectiveness of laser treatments is largely dependent on the person’s hair and skin shade.

Final Thoughts

Laser hair removal slows hair growth. But, it won’t stop permanent hair growth instantly. Patients will require a series of treatment and maintenance. Furthermore, it is beneficial for those with fair facial skin as well as dark. If you are in need of removing hair with lasers you should find an accredited doctor in the field of dermatology or cosmetic surgery, and an expert in treatment with lasers. It is recommended to be cautious about spas, salons, and other locations. Some establishments allow non-medical personnel to carry out the procedure. If you find this article helpful, please do the article with your friends.

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