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Professional Microcurrent Equipment for Facials and Spas

The facial machine with microcurrent is most recent, advanced technology, and game-changing innovations in the world of anti-aging. In simple terms, they work the same way to your face muscles like the equipment you use at gym is on your body with the exception of the sweat. A firmer, toned skin that is free of wrinkles and lines can be easy to achieve by exercising your facial muscles. This breakthrough technology came just in time to aid in the workout for us. In essence, we are talking about a workout that is suitable for the face.

What is the process?

Microcurrent machines that are both professional and at-home facial machines are essentially similar: low-level current is utilized to stimulate the anti-aging abilities that the face. There are numerous kinds of tissues within the body, and each has its own, particular electrical frequency. There are many ways that these frequencies could be altered and impact the tissues. Microcurrent therapy is a procedure designed to restore the natural frequency of cells. This leads to greater protein production, which is vital for the regeneration of tissue. The treatment has also proved to lower or reduce inflammation and increase blood flow. Amazingly, there is many different ailments that can be effectively treated by Microcurrent therapy. Within the world of spas, this procedure is commonly described as "the five-minute facial lift" because of its impressive outcomes.

What are the advantages of using the microcurrent lifting equipment?

A boost in protein production. By applying microcurrent to the skin, we're working the facial muscles. This increases protein production and helps to firm muscles and tones the area being treated.

The increase in ATP (adenosine triphosphate) production. ATP molecules act as distribution vehicles and storage units for energy They also increase collagen and elastin production which are essential to maintain youthful, healthy skin. The facial muscles like the muscles in your body, are linked with the face. When you exercise and tone the muscles, you're actually lifting your skin.

The reduction of puffiness and swelling. The stimulation in the lymphatic system leads to the reduction of puffiness and swelling around the eyes.

Secure and simple to use. Professional and home microcurrent facial machines have the most secure levels of safety and are simple to make use of. Like any other treatment there are a few controversies however, overall it's extremely safe.

There are some absolute contraindications. Check with your clients to determine if:

      • Use a pacemaker
      • suffer from epilepsy or heart disease
      • are implanted with metal or electrical material,
      • suffer from tumors
      • are afflicted by acute infections.
      • Have fractures,
      • Are you pregnant or nursing.

It is important to study the guide so that you are able to make educated choices.

What are the most anticipated results?

The results of treatment can be seen quickly. The more treatments you undergo and the more results you'll experience. There will be toning and lifting of your skin, along with lines and wrinkles being reduced and smoother skin and more hydrated. It will also appear revived. Microcurrent Facial Machines tackle the most severe signs of agingThe procedure has been proven to reduce the appearance of the jawline. The bags under the eyes and facial puffiness will diminish and eventually disappear with time.

If you're in search of facial muscles stimulator, you're in the right spot. The equipment for microcurrent therapy is the ideal solution for your requirements. It makes use of electricity to give your face a workout that is much needed and rapidly tone the face muscles, thereby improving the appearance of your skin and tightening it. Studies have shown that treatment of muscles with an expert Microcurrent facelift machine produces muscles contracting, which produces Adenosine Triphosphate molecules (ATP) that store and distribute energy. ATP helps to increase the production of elastin and proteins, the essential ingredients for a tighter skin. Microcurrent stimulation of muscles also aids to ease tension in muscles that will eventually lead to the formation of wrinkles and fine lines.

"The 5-minute Facelift"

Microcurrent is one of the trend right now and with reasons that are well-founded. The treatment has immediate results which improve with each session. Prior to its introduction into the beauty industry, microcurrent therapy treated difficult areas of general medicine. It was utilized to treat patients suffering from Atrophies and paralysis. However, due to its remarkable capability to lift and tighten the skin through the exercise of muscles, this treatment has gained the admiration of the anti-aging market.

The advantages of using the Professional Microcurrent Machine for Face

The benefits to beauty and health of microcurrent treatments are many. Many studies were published in order to back this claim. It is a well-studied and extensively researched medical procedure. Just to provide a number: it's been utilized for over 70 years for treating facial paralysis. The treatment is effective.

Let's go over the advantages:

      • The tightening and lifting on the surface, a smoother appearance of the skin and to strengthen muscles
      • Skin rejuvenation
      • Cellular metabolism is increased (ATP production)
      • Protein boost (collagen and elastin)
      • There is little or no swelling, puffiness or swelling, puffiness, or
      • The solution to wrinkles and fine lines
      • Pain relief
      • The healing process is accelerated
      • Better blood circulation

This is a very advanced facial apparatus. We recommend you purchase an expert Microcurrent facial machine that is an established and well-known brand. Be aware that, unlike other beauty equipment that are available, an expert Microcurrent device for the face requires education and an understanding of the science behind Microcurrent treatment and muscle physiology. Amazing results are seen that even the most difficult areas such as a jawline that is sagging eye lift, sagging jawline, and raised cheeks is achievable by gaining a little understanding. Operators must understand the specific muscles that are being treated, how they operate and where they are situated. To get the operator of the ideal result, you must know the direction of muscle development and to work directly on the muscles. Additionally, professional training will give you an awareness of areas that must be kept clear of at all times. Eyeball, carotid sinus and the cardiac area are all areas where tumors must not be treated. Additionally, you must change the date of an appointment for customers with any infection or fractures. The scars can be treated after six months.

Alternatives to Microcurrent

Microcurrent is different from the RF facial

The frequency of RF is measured as intensity (or the number of wavelengths in a second) which is referred to as an 'electromagnetic spectrum'. Microcurrent therapy employs a lower intensity of electrical current that is similar to the body's natural. As RF creates thermal energy in the deeper layers within the skin. Microcurrent is able to work with muscles and trains them to work better and to tighten. The radiofrequency's heat stimulates the production of collagen and elastic. The current generated by the Microcurrent facial can help tighten muscles that are already there as exercising. Microcurrent facials allow you to observe the results after only one session, however for RF it may take several sessions to achieve the results you want to achieve. There are some negative side effects associated that can be experienced with RF facials like swelling or redness, however there aren't any side consequences for microcurrent. Both procedures must be repeated regularly to ensure the desired outcomes.

Face toning with Microcurrent and Cryo

Both the cold therapy and microcurrent are extremely holistic treatments. Cryo toning is a process that uses cold temperatures that shrink pores, ease any irritation, and firm the skin, making it appear younger and healthier. The primary difference is that Microcurrent uses facial muscles, while the cold helps treat your epidermal. Microcurrent can give you a more lifted and sculpted face while cryo facials bring you a fresh look after only one treatment. In A-Esthetic, we enjoy both procedures however, when you want to treat aging skin, Microcurrent is an ideal choice.

Microcurrent therapy vs LED therapy

LED has been among the most popular treatments in the cosmetic industry for a long time. The various LED lights offer numerous advantages for the skin, yet they focus only on the epidermis. If we mix Microcurrent and LED treatment it creates an effective combination of anti-aging and skin rejuvenation treatment. In addition to toning the muscles that are already there, LED therapy helps boost the toning and tightening process further. Utilizing Red LED therapy and Microcurrent, you'll be the production of collagen and elastin as you work on the muscles. How incredible is that? There are many options available to use the Microcurrent LED therapy, and we'd love to tell you more!

How do you care for your Microcurrent devices?

It is essential to clean your machine on a regular basis to avoid hygienic issues, to ensure it is in good condition and ensure the longevity of its longevity. Remove the machine prior to any cleansing procedure. Clean the probes of the remaining gel, then spray them with 70-90 percent alcohol. Cleanse gloves under the rinse water using antiseptic soap. Do not let the metal connectors get wet dry them out, then spray with 70 percent alcohol.

Who is qualified to perform microcurrent treatment?

Microcurrent is a non-invasive facial treatment, and the majority of cosmetologists are able to perform this procedure. We recommend that you always consult with your state's board to be certain.
Training is essential to execute the treatment in the most efficient method to achieve the best results.

How long will the treatment last?

It is recommended that the esthetician begin the treatment on a portion of the face, and then shifting to the opposite part of your face. The entire face treatment takes around 30 minutes. Beginning with lymphatic drainage, muscle relaxation, and then finishing with the stimulation of muscles. We offer treatments, manuals and free instruction to discuss every step you need to know about.

Do you think that Microcurrent treatment is harmful?

There isn't any discomfort or downtime associated when you undergo this procedure. Some clients may feel a sensation of tingling, and that's all.

What are the essential products for treatment with Microcurrent?

To perform this procedure you will require the conductive gel. We offer a skincare line that allows you to use the gel in accordance with the skin type of your client.

Microcurrent Timeline

The clients will notice and feel the initial results right away, and the skin will appear tighter after the first treatment. It will be brighter, as well as there'll be dramatic reduction in puffiness and swelling. After 4-5 Microcurrent therapy treatments in which the tightening and lifting effect will become apparent. Results that last longer are generally attained after 10 treatment sessions. It's unique for each client. Once you have achieved your goal, you are able to recommend at least every month sessions to ensure the success.

Is Microcurrent suitable with my clientele?

It all depends on the clientele you work with as well as their age. Begin by consulting them and asking them about other treatments they would like to undergo or issues with their skin they'd like to treat. This will aid you in making your decision as well.

Contraindications and Cons

Cons are virtually impossible to locate. There are nausea reports, but the number of cases is so low that they are barely worthy of any mention. For the contraindications to use this treatment of certain medications, there are some. Consider other skin care treatments for anti-aging when your clients suffer from heart problems or they have pacemaker use. There is no reason why anyone with implanted metal or electrical devices is advised to undergo the procedure. Women who are pregnant should not be your Microcurrent customers.

In this section you will find the most professional Microcurrent machines that are available for purchase. You can purchase an excellent Microcurrent machine that is part of the multi-functional machine. In addition to Microcurrent procedures, they also offer a range of popular and in-demand cosmetic treatments. There are portable and stationary devices, each with an almost instant return on investment.

For any comments or questions you would like to share, do not be afraid to reach us.

In this category, you will discover Microcurrent face machines. To cover the expense of the machine, all you need is to offer a minimum of 15 procedures. If you're in search of top quality and affordable rates for Microcurrent facial machine You've come to the right spot.

Our goal is to provide the highest-quality equipment, the most extensive range of tools, equipment and the highest customer service. We also offer free demonstrations and training sessions that provide instruction on how to use our equipment.

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