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Best vacuum therapy equipment available for purchase

Do you wish to increase the elasticity of your skin, and also redefine your body's curves?

The most effective vacuum therapy machine is made to provide you with an effective, safe, and easy method to improve the elasticity of your skin and achieve a more attractive body shape. Take advantage of these machines without causing any irritation, discomfort, or negative undesirable side negative effects.

Exquisite Depot provides a wide variety of machines for vacuum therapy that have been certified with USA FAD as well as SGS tests. Our devices are built to supply you or your clients with a satisfactory service, whether you choose to utilize them at the salon or at home with our Two Year Guarantee on quality-related issues, 30-day refund guarantee in case of any issue, and 3-5 working days for delivery via UPS and FedEx and FedEx, you are guaranteed to be getting the most price for your money.

A vacuum machine's fundamental function

The concept behind vacuum machines rests on the idea of vacuum suction, also known as negative pressure.

If a vacuum is created in the pores, it boosts that pressure difference between the skin's surface and the tissues beneath which results in an increase in circulation and blood flow to the region. This improved circulation may assist in improving skin texture and tone as well as diminish the look of cellulite and ease muscle pain.

The vacuum suction is also able to aid in draining lymphatics, wound healing as well as other therapeutic purposes dependent on the particular configuration and usage of the machine.

Vacuum Massage Equipment

If you're thinking of growing your business by introducing an existing or new treatment, you're in the right spot! In this section there is a possibility to purchase the vacuum massage therapy equipment that will definitely boost sales and draw new customers within a matter of minutes. This amazing and efficient machine to lose fat has been rediscovered by those who don't have any excess fat on their bodies, namely professional athletes. A 23-time Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps has reincarnated this traditional Chinese method by displaying his perfect body by displaying designs of dark circles which show up on his skin after treatment. The world was amazed by the results, and it quickly became very popular among many. Since then, we've witnessed Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow as well as many other stars proudly showing the dark circles that have appeared on their bodies due to vacuum therapy.
We are fully in support of this latest trend since the benefits are numerous. Michael Phelps surely didn't use the procedure for its slimming effects, and which should be a sign that this isn't an ordinary equipment for melting fat!

This is Vacuum Slimming Machines

Vacuum therapy equipment featured in this category are a few exclusive professional equipment that is suitable for a spa or in-home beauty salon. The most extensive variety of machines available We are sure to be able to assist you choose the best machine for your needs. We will also assist you to pick the best portable vacuum therapy device for professionals who is always on the move. All of our portable machines are small and powerful. They are also simple to move and set up, as well as take down. In addition, many companies that sell vacuum therapy have fantastic multi-functional models available for you. You can include the top and most well-known methods to your beauty collection.

They come with the top skin tightening and lifting capabilities that include the most effective radiofrequency vital protein-boosting device. This procedure initiates the healing process and instantly restore the elasticity of the skin that is sagging. It is important to be used in conjunction with slimming treatments to simultaneously tighten your skin after the fat deposits have been melted.

A cellulite-vacuum therapy machine is an excellent option for people who offer top-quality body treatments, since it can help reduce cellulite and reduce fat. It also massages and shapes the body to improve skin elasticity. The procedure is designed to increase blood flow to the area of the body that is being treated, which assists in nourishing the tissues with oxygen and improves circulation of blood within the body. It assists in enhancing the metabolic process in general. Vacuum therapy encompasses every body part that allow for enhancing internal body processes.

If you're still not sure which machine is best suited to your routine, contact us and our experts from the industry will be happy to help you.

How to Use a Vacuum Slimming Machine?

The principal purpose behind the treatment is stimulation of circulatory and lymphatic systems, thereby aiding

the movement of waste products and fluids from the lymph nodes to the lymph nodes closest.

This treatment mechanically employs suction from outside to raise the body's tissues using static or moving cups.

The process is akin to massage however, suction is employed in place of pressure.

If done correctly, the treatment can be very restful.

The treatment is able to be administered to any region of the body, provided there enough fat tissue.

It is usually utilized as a complement to other treatments, and is the best when used in conjunction with other treatments.


The Main Benefits of Cellulite Vacuum Therapy Treatments:

  • Vacuum therapy can be used on any body part
  • The machine has different sizes and shapes of cups to treat various areas of the body.
  • It is commonly employed to treat and soothe the pain
  • Reduces the appearance of the skin or removes the peel of orange
  • Boosts vital protein production
  • A simple and safe procedure with virtually no adverse side effects and just some absolute contraindications
  • Vacuum therapy is possible to target difficult-to-treat regions to shape and redefine the body.
  • It improves circulation
  • Increases metabolism in cells

Who is in need of vacuum therapy?

Vacuum therapy is an integrative approach to modern health and well-being. It doesn't matter if you want to boost the lymphatic drainage and blood flow, or if they're experiencing weight gain and weight gain, vacuum therapy is a fantastic option to help them feel healthier and more confident.

How Does Vacuum Therapy Remove Fat Deposits?

With all the incredible benefits of using the vacuum treatment which provide reduction of pain, the restoration of skin's elasticity and elasticity, hydration and an oxygenation boost to skin cells, blood circulation boost and more - everything was put on the back burner as the most important feature was discovered: the reduction of cellulite and weight. Now we have a powerful slimming machine at our fingertips. Let's find out how it performs!

Weight loss is a result of the atmosphere is lowered during treatment. When the various sizes of cups are applied to the areas that have problematic fat deposits and visible cellulite, the suction and pressure push the blood to the area being treated and increases circulation of blood. A further benefit of quickly increased blood circulation - fat is carried into muscles where it's eliminated. Additionally, it boosts cell metabolism and helps oxygenate the body. The pressure of the vacuum activates the lymph system since 70% of lymphatic vessels are located under the skin, and are stimulated by pressure. In addition to a successful cleansing of the body, all the methods mentioned above help to eliminate fat deposits and help reduce fat faster. Furthermore, the majority of women who have gone through the series of vacuum therapy treatments have seen not just a significant reduction in cellulite but also a significant improvement in skin and rejuvenation in the prone to cellulite regions. The reason for this is that the improved circulation of the system is able to move enzymes and vitamins throughout the body that aid in treating the orange peel skin.

Des vacuum therapy work?

If your client expects amazing results from only one treatment, this isn't the ideal choice for them. Vacuum therapy should be delivered as part of a treatment plan to reach the goals you want to achieve. Because it's holistic it will take time, just as a workout.

Who can do vacuum therapy?

A variety of estheticians are able to perform various treatments however when you're dealing with body treatments such as using vacuum therapies, it's recommended to consult with your state's board of licensure and then get certified as needed for your state or country. 

The benefits of vacuum therapy machines

Most often, estheticians are trying to assess different types of equipment. This is challenging because different treatments offer advantages and results.

Look over the most well-known comparisons:

Vacuum Therapy Vs. Ultrasonic Cavitation

Vacuum therapy relies on suction pressure in the cups, while cavitation utilizes ultrasound technology to break up those fat cell. In terms of vacuum therapy, it's a natural and holistic method to restore the body and combat cellulite. However, for weight loss, cavitation using ultrasonics could be the best option for certain. Ultrasonic cavitation can be used to reduce fat only, and vacuum therapy can provide numerous benefits, in terms of healing and toning organs.

Vacuum Therapy Vs. Laser Lipo

Laser Lipo a.k.a laser lipolysis makes use of lasers to eliminate the fat cells that are already present. Vacuum therapy is a non-invasive procedure, in which laser lipo is a procedure that requires only minor surgical cuts. Following laser lipo it is possible for the patient to take a break for a few days. However, when using vacuum therapy, there's no need to be down.

Vacuum Therapy Vs. Radio Frequency

Vacuum therapy targets specific fat cells, while the Radio Frequency (RF) causes heat to the skin, which melts the fat completely. The fat cell that has been melted will let the liquids out into the bloodstream where they'll be eliminated from the liver.

Vacuum Therapy Vs. Cryolipolysis

In terms of body toning Cryolipolysis is a method which freezes the fat cells of the body, and then eliminates them via the lymphatic system over 14 days following the session that was last treated. Cryotherapy has a lot in common with the use of vacuum, radiofrequency and cavitation in that the fat cells are eliminated by the body, in a important way in relation in relation to the treatment that is performed. When you compare Cryolipolysis and vacuum therapy both therapies can be utilized to help heal muscle and joint discomfort. Both are holistic treatment options since they are both healing treatments.

How long will the treatment last?

The full body treatment will take 45 minutes, while the application of a portion of the body can take up to an hour.

15 minutes.

How long will it take to see the results of a vacuum massage?

By using vacuum therapy, patients are able to see the effects within just one session.

How many vacuum slimming treatments are needed?

Vacuum therapy can be described as"gymnastic exercise" for your body, and you must continue to make healthy lifestyle choices and regular treatment sessions to reach your goals. When you perform 2-4 sessions in a 1-2 weeks time frame, patients will notice amazing outcomes. In A-Esthetic, we suggest five to eight treatment sessions over the first month, and then continuing with 2 sessions over time to keep the effects.

How long will the results from a body vacuum last?

In just one visit patients can notice the effects lasting up to 6-8 hrs according to their skin type and body. If they keep their treatments up to date, they can observe the effects for a long time.

Do the results of a vacuum body slimming treatment last forever?

The results of vacuum therapy with body toning results are only lasting if they are performed regularly.

Does vacuum therapy cause harm?

Absolutely not, the clients may feel a warm, feeling of tingling, and that is all it takes.

How much should I charge for the treatment?

Based on the area you are in depending on your location, you could start with a fee of $85 to $150 per treatment session. Keep in mind that with vacuum therapy, you must offer packages of treatment and it's an excellent idea to offer an offer for bundles of your clients. More sessions means faster return on investment for you.


There are no contraindications it is a safe and non-invasive procedure. Be sure to ask your patients about skin problems that are serious such as serious sores, allergic reactions, skin that has been severely damaged, such as burns, or cuts, shouldn't be treated. Heart problems that cause heart attacks are absolute contraindications, and during the treatment of pregnant women, do not treat abdominal areas or lower back.

The advantages of using a cellulite vacuum therapy machines:

  • Vacuum cellulite machines work on all body components
  • The machines are usually mobile and don't require too much space.
  • Vacuum therapy is a treatment for joint and spine pains as well as arthritis
  • A cellulite vacuum machine is safe and simple to use.
  • Skin is elastic smooth, even, and pliable after treatment.
  • The treatment has a fat-burning and body shaping effect
  • Fast and easy use of this machine
  • The innovatively designed system is a stunning feature in your spa

The vacuum cellulite machine is safe for use. Because it's a non-invasive procedure made with the aid of an apparatus for vacuuming cellulite, it is able to be utilized on all types of skin. Additionally, its efficacy and effectiveness make it effective and efficient. The result of this procedure is quite impressive. The results are evident and pleasing, as the cellulite vacuum therapy machine can also help in the treatment of spine and arthritis issues. The skin's condition is improved, and the skin gets more elastic and smooth.

With its attractively low price and its high efficiency the vacuum fat-loss machine is a good option for salons that offer treatments for cellulite within their salons. Since it is an effective and well-known method, vacuum therapy is well-known in large beauty salons offering professional treatments for the body. If you're thinking of adding a body-treatment to your business, such as using vacuum technology, the therapeutic and anti-cellulite treatment is extremely successful and popular throughout the day.

Vacuum Cupping Machines

In general, we prefer to believe in items that are around for some time. You can be certain that something that's been around for many years has been thoroughly researched, refined and gained a lot of popularity due to the obvious results. There's no better method to prove that something works than to demonstrate evidence of years of safe and reliable achievement. There were a lot of effective methods that people tried to treat various illnesses and also to improve their appearance, however many of them failed to meet the test of time and failed badly. We do not use cough syrup for kids which is primarily drugs, and we've stopped wearing radium necklaces for rheumatism treatment and we're pleased to announce that we no longer are using anti-aging cosmetics with radioactive elements!
We've seen a lot of these bizarre "healthy" practices that people did throughout history. Even though some were efficient for the purpose they were intended for, we as a species, had to put them down because they were also causing us harm. But we digress. Let's talk about the treatment that has stood the test of the test of time and is more sought-after than ever before. Treatment so old, it's old.

What exactly is Cupping Therapy? How Does It Work?

Cupping therapy is more than a two-thousand-year-old technique introduced to the world by the Chinese. We are delighted to inform you that the cupping device we offer in this class has more than two thousand years of development of this procedure and the results that they provide are amazing. In short it is an electric vacuum capping machine can be utilized to improve circulation by swiftly and effectively increasing circulation of blood, and separating tissues. increases protein production, and suction boosts cell regeneration and gives your customers healthier looking soft skin. Cupping massage is renowned for its benefits in relieving pain and detoxification of the body through lymphatic drainage. Benefits to slimming, noticeable reduction of cellulite and more make cupping therapy popular yet again.

Professionals have claimed that the advantages of cupping can be attributed to the suction produced in different sizes of cups. The suction helps to increase the flow of blood, thereby accelerating healing. When you cupple, you can employ a variety of techniques to treat the area. When the cups are set in one location or placed on the treatment surface, they could be placed on the skin and then removed by shaking, releasing, or moving them clockwise. All that are intended to enhance outcomes from treatment. There are a variety of effective methods to take care of the body and face with the help of a vacuum cupping device.

The Primary Vacuum Cupping Benefits :

  • An increase in blood flow
  • Achieving proper oxygenation and supply of nutrients
  • Elimination of excess waste products and detoxification of the body by lymphatic drainage.
    The lymphatic system is situated just below the skin. the vacuum massage is an excellent method to stimulate the lymphatic system.
  • Faster loss of inches. More results when done after Ultrasonic fat reduction treatment
  • Hydration for the skin that is effective
  • Pain relief
  • Excellent technique for lifting buttocks.
  • Increased elasticity through protein creation
  • A powerful anti-cellulite treatment that works


The contraindications are virtually non-existent since this is a secure treatment. It is recommended that anyone with high fever should not be treated. It is important to inquire about serious skin issues, like allergic reactions severe and sores. Skin which has been severely damaged, such as burns, or cuts, shouldn't be treated. Heart problems that cause heart attacks are absolutely contraindicated and when treating pregnant women, never treat abdominal pain or the lower back.

What are the different types of vacuum therapy machine?

There is a variety of vacuum therapy equipment that is designed to be used for specific applications or body parts:

  • 1. The Body Contouring Equipment: Increase the size of your buttocks and breasts to help you achieve the shape of the body you've always dreamed of. These machines make use of vacuum suction and massage to tone and shape your body.
  • 2. Cellulite Reduction Machines make use of vacuum suction to treat specific parts of the body that are affected by cellulite is evident in an effort to improve the appearance of your skin.
  • 3. Lymphatic Drainage Machines The machines employ soft vacuum suction in order to improve lymphatic circulation as well as aid your natural cleansing process in the body.
  • 4. Treatment for Pain: The devices make use of vacuum suction to target specific parts of the body to ease muscle pain and increase circulation.
  • 5. Wound Healing Machines These devices make use of vacuum suction to increase the flow of blood and encourage the healing of wounds in chronic wounds and skin ulcers.

Every type of machine will have distinct characteristics, including variable suction pressure, various attachments for various body parts, as well as vibration or heating capabilities depending on the model and the use of the device. Exquisite Depot is the best vacuum therapy machine to treat breast and butt growth.

How do vacuum therapy machines work? 

This is a general step-by-step description of how a machine for vacuum therapy is used:

  • 1. Vacuum cups can be put on the face, typically over the affected area or on the area which needs treatment.
  • 2. The machine creates an air suction that is used to pull the skin and the underlying tissues into the applicator, or the cup.
  • 3. The improved circulation and pressure in the region can aid in relieving muscle pain, enhancing skin tone, decreasing visible cellulite, and improving the healing process of wounds. Create various rhythms of negative pressure on your buttocks and breasts, so that the buttocks and breasts appear elevated
  • 4. The vacuum suction can be adjusted to various levels of pressure in order to accommodate different body parts as well as the desired results.
  • 5. The session of vacuum therapy is for a certain amount of time, typically ranging from a few minutes up to an hour according to the kind of machine used and the procedure being carried out.

It is essential to follow the directions and instructions of the manufacturer when using vacuum therapy equipment to make sure it is safe and appropriate for usage. There are some who experience redness or discomfort on the area being treated however, these effects are usually short-lived and are not significant.