Also known as Ingrown hair, shave bumps, pseudofolliculitis, etc…

Are you suffering from horrible itching and irritation caused by razor bumps? Are you unsure how to remove shaving bumps from your bikini area? What are easy home remedies for shaving bumps? How to ease razor burn on vag? How to get rid of razor burn fast? How to treat razor burn on legs? What causes razor bumps? Does razor bumps go away? Its a problem that plagues everyone.

You’re in the right place, as we have all the right answers for you. If you’re worried about getting uncomfortable bumps, or skin issues on your neck, face, bikini line, or chin every time you trim your hair. Natural alternatives like turmeric and aloe vera could be just what you require to help fight the inflammation. Additionally, a better technique could go a long way to not only treating razor bumps, but also in preventign them in the first place.

What Exactly Are Razor Bumps?

Razor burn, razor bump, shaving bump, pseudofolliculitis barbae can cause your skin to get itchy when hair gets into the skin after exiting the follicle, or due to the way it curves back and forth before re-entering the skin.

The body recognizes it as an object that is foreign and responds accordingly, becoming affected. This is most often seen in those who employ a razor to cut off their hair. This is because shaving hair can make hairs sharp enough that they can cut through the skin.

Some of the signs that are associated with razor burn or razor bumps are:

  • Sore, itchy skin
  • Raised bumps
  • Pus-filled spots
  • The bleeding can occur when your brush lumps are cut easily , and could cause infection.
  • A condition that is known as Sycosis Barbae in certain instances which causes pus to discharge

Who gets Razor Bumps Or Razor Burns?

Anyone can experience these bumps at any time regardless of race or skin type. The inflammation can actually happen to any person who uses the razor to trim their hair. Hair with coarse or curly hair typically experience these problem.In the event you’re searching for methods on how to eliminate razor bumps on the vag or buttocks, bikini line, hair that is ingrown on your bikini or vagina it’s not just you -women suffer from razor burns every day as men. The following solutions will get rid of razor burns and razor bumps on your face, beneath your chin, or on your neck, and also treating a rash of shaving on the legs and pubic areas and legs as well.

Keep in mind that if it’s not happening in the beard region the razor bumps or burns are referred to simply as folliculitis..

How to Get Rid of Razor Bumps as well as Razor Burn When You Have Them:

Make use of these suggestions and tricks to avoid razor bumps and burns from razors by treating the problem as soon as it occurs by using simple home solutions.

1. Apply an intense compress

A warm compress using a warm, clean cloth or towel held over the area of the bump is among the most effective solutions for removing razor bumps. The process opens your pores, allowing hair that’s trapped within maybe come out, alleviating the problem of an bumps that grow ingrown.

2.Exfoliate gently using a toothbrush

A gentle brush can remove dead skin cells as well as obstructions to the pores. It also helps help hairs get out of pores to prevent them from being stuck. Brushing can also develop hair growth in one direction, which makes ingrown hairs less likely. One can use the skin care brush or a soft bristle face brush, or even a soft brush.

3. Exfoliate using a natural, finely milled scrub

A natural exfoliation can help to remove the old skin debris and alleviate the discomfort of hairs that are ingrown. Sometimes, a mechanical or physical scrub can get rid of dead skin cells that block the pores and trap hairs encased within. The types of scrubs for the skin could include salt, sugar and pits of fruit, or tiny beads… However, some scrubs may irritate sensitive skin. They might not be suitable for use if the skin is inflamed, or itchy.

4. Apply a moisturizer with coconut oil from the virgin coconut

Virgin coconut oil contains anti-bacterial properties, in addition to a moisture-relieving or emollient effect for the skin. The moisturizing effect of coconut oil that is virgin can to soften and soothe your skin, and also make it easier to shaving. Research has proven that these qualities make coconut oil an effective Atopic dermatitis treatment, folliculitis home remedy, and another treatment options for inflammatory skin diseases. It is the key for helping to reduce razor burn.

5. Soothe your skin’s inflammation by using aloe vera

Aloe vera can be very refreshing and cool, and is an anti-bacterial treatment for skin that is inflamed. It is a rich source of compounds that contain antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that help ease discomfort and speed healing, making it a fantastic, cheap home remedy for razor burns. Apply this product after shaving to act as a fantastic moisturizing and protective for your skin. It can also be helpful in the treatment of acne and stretch marks.

6. Use natural disinfectants such as witch hazel

Witch Hazel is not able to cure hair growth however the product can serve to provide relief and for preventative. Use a cotton ball to wet some witch hazel before dabbing it on the freshly shaving skin. The antiseptic qualities in Witch Hazel help zap bacteria making it an excellent choice for those who are susceptible to body acne . Use it for spot treatments or as a cleanser for the skin. It contains skin-soothing properties which may be beneficial to people who suffer from razor bumps. Witch hazel may act as a protective layer, keeping the substances that cause inflammation from entering the skin cells.

7. Exfoliate Using a HydroDermabrasion or Micro Dermabrasion Treatment Machine

The Hydrodermabrasion and Microdermabrasion machines do fantasticaly well in helping exfoliate the skin. See some machines for these treatments below. You can find a comparison between the dermabrasions here.

8. Utilize a High Frequency Treatment Machine

High Frequency Treatments are great at steralizing and helping clear up clogged pores. See more below.

6 Tips and Tricks: Shave Right to Treat Razor Bumps as well as Razor Burn

A better method to eliminate razor bumps is to avoid them from occurring initially by shaving correctly. Make sure you are aware of the shaving technique you use to prevent burning skin naturally.

1. Reduce frequency of shaving

The best way to prevent cuts is by stopping shaving though this may not be the best option. Let the hair expand so that the skin will settle. Do not shave for two to three weeks or until the lesion goes away. You could also cut the frequency at which you shave to ensure that your hair is longer. You may also cut it every time you shave, decreasing the chance of restarting. You could, for instance, shave every two days rather than every day.

2. Be sure to soften your razor prior to shaving

Soften the areas where you intend to shaving. Shave only if the skin is extremely wet, whether immediately or after showering. A steaming washcloth pressed on the skin for approximately five minutes prior to shaving helps in preparing.

3. Use lubricating shaving products

The razor you use on naked skin could cause problem. So always apply shaving gel with lubrication or a natural moisturizer, such as coconut oil.

4. Use the technique correctly

Always take your time shaving in the exact direction that hair grows Don’t do it in a way that is contrary to the grain, and don’t ever make your skin stretch to shaving. If the technique is correct it should take just one stroke to suffice to clear every section.

5. Cleaning, disinfecting or cleaning your razor blade

Every time you make use of your blade, wash it off using warm water. This will remove everything that’s stuck. You should ensure that the knife is sterilized as you can. Switch your blade regularly to avoid the growth of bacteria and dullness. It can happen as quickly as a few shaves for only a handful of people, and up to 10, if not more, for other people. Another advantage of changing your blade frequently is that you’ll have the cleanest and most perfect razor that is less likely to be contaminated by bacteria or germs that could be able to infect you.

6. Try a different hair removal method

Shaving is the method used to remove hair which is most likely to cause razor bumps. One alternative is to consider another method. Depilatories, waxing and sugaring are alternative alternatives. They also pull out the roots of the hair so that it takes longer for growth to take place. Removal of hair using laser is a long-term alternative, but it could cost a lot. It is recommended to have multiple sessions to remove the hair, but the hair grows back lighter and finer than it was before.

7. Utilize a HydroDermabrasion or Micro Dermabrasion Treatment Machine

Oftentimes skin buildup can cause blockages, such as a beard. By utilizing Hydrodermabrasion or Microdermabrasion to keep the pores clear youll avoid this issue. For the most sensative skin utilize Hydrodermabrasion.

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8. Utilize a High Frequency Treatment Machine

High Frequency Treatments are often used by Medical spas to treat skin issues and skin buildup issues such as with a beard. Learn more about the treatment here.

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