According to an 2021 study from SkinStore, Americans spend an average of $322.88 per person on skincare products each year.

SkinStore makeup editor Schane Flowers states that “with customers now purchasing skincare the age of 15 age, Americans are forecast to purchase skincare products for 47 years, or 15k in skincare over their lives.”

Not only are people eager to put money into the overall health of their skin as well as their appearance, but they are also becoming more and more interested in natural methods to slow ageing and sun damage and treat skin issues that are chronic.

Light therapy using LEDs is a pioneer in this. Our panels allow users to enjoy the numerous advantages of at-home red light therapy.

What is the effect of light therapy on You?

Light has a biological impact upon the human body. It is the sun that gives all-species light, is a source of Vitamin D. The sun’s light can have lesser-known effects for instance, suppressing local immune system reactions.

This has led researchers to look to determine how certain wavelengths of visible light can affect the human body.

The most popular wavelengths used in the field of skincare are blue red, close-infrared (NIR). The term “red light therapy” is one used to describe a process that encompasses both red as well as NIR light.

The blue and red light therapy with LED devices are frequently used to improve skin health even though the two wavelength groups have distinct results.

When they are combined with red and blue light therapy can work in synergy.

Let’s look at the blue spectrum first then look into the ways combination lighting therapy with LEDs can yield amazing results.

Blue Light Therapy

Blue wavelengths vary from 450-500 nanometers (nm).

Regarding skincare Blue light with narrow bands is a great treatment for conditions of the skin’s surface such as acne or solar keratoses, in addition to many other conditions.

Blue Light Therapy for Mild to Moderate Acne

One of the primary advantages associated with blue light therapy is that it has the ability to destroy acne-causing bacteria and is an effective method of treating this chronic disease. Blue light therapy can be utilized as a complement to other treatments and also as an alternative to surgery.

One study on acne included the participation of 18 females and three male participants, with the average of age 15. The study concluded the LED blue-light therapy efficiently alleviated mild to moderately acne that was inflammatory on the face.

Another study that focused of acne was conducted with 28 participants who utilized blue LED light using a foam cleanser as well as a serum to rebuild the skin. The results showed that at week eight, almost everyone noticed improvement in their skin’s appearance overall and were pleased with the results.

In addition, a study that was conducted in 2010 indicates the blue LED therapy to be safe. It could induce biochemical effects like UVA light. It is used to treat acne and for treating chronic skin issues like rosacea and psoriasis.

This is much lower exposure to wavelengths of blue than what the typical person gets on a regular basis particularly if they work in places with fluorescent lighting or they frequently use electronic devices at night.

Other applications for Blue Light Therapy

In addition to being a well-known solution for specific skin issues Blue treatment benefits also include improving mood, and decreasing depression and anxiety.

Researchers from Case Western Reserve University tested the effects of bright blue light therapy in a long-term care facility that treats people with dementia. The preliminary results suggested Blue light treatment increased activity levels throughout the daytime.

So, What’s the Verdict on Blue Light?

Although it is effective in its own right it is an excellent complement in conjunction with red light therapy.

Oncologists and dermatologists utilize blue light treatments in the clinical practice.

A majority of these treatments make use of photosensitizing agents that stimulate in the killing of bacteria as well as malignant cells. In these instances blue light may be beneficial.

Red Light Therapy

The practice of using red light therapy started in the early 1980s, during the 1980s, when NASA scientists were conducting experiments on plant growth by using red light. The researchers came across an interesting discovery. They observed that skin injuries or rashes that they had on their hands improved quicker after exposure to red light.

This led to an curiosity about the other benefits the red light offer to human bodies.

Since the discovery, hundreds of studies have proved that human cells are responsive to the wavelengths of NIR and red The beneficial effects for therapy are enormous.

The wavelengths of red and NIR fall within the “therapeutic window” between 630-660nm and 810-850nm. One of the findings from studies has been that the wavelengths used are extremely efficient in improving the skin tone and reverse signs of ageing (such as wrinkles, lines sunspots, and wrinkles) with no known adverse consequences.

Light therapy using red wavelengths, also known as photobiomodulation and Low-level Light Therapy, makes use of an effective light therapy device that delivers NIR and red wavelengths into the skin.

The wavelengths of red are commonly employed to treat surface issues that include wrinkles and lines as well as photosensitization, persistent skin diseases and loss of hair. The most noticeable effect they have on the overall health of your skin is the increase in collagen production.

In addition, near-infrared wavelengths penetrate deeply into joints, muscles or even into the brain, to help support our body’s own healing processes. The primary benefit is the reduction of swelling deep within the body.

Inflammation throughout the body may manifest on the largest organ of the body that is the skin. It is the main cause of various chronic skin ailments, such as the rosacea-like condition, psoriasis and eczema. In some instances, it might be necessary to seek treatment if you suspect you are experiencing symptoms.

How Does Red Light Therapy works

The mitochondria’s light-sensitive chromophores absorb infrared and red light photons. They transform this light into energy. It’s as photosynthesis occurs in plants.

The increased energy production in cells provides them with the energy they require to fulfill their tasks.

The result is a boost in bodily functions that are normal in the affected area, and sometimes the effects are widespread. For instance, the blue wavelengths are believed to exert neuroprotection in the brain in regions that are not near where the brain is exposed to light.

How to Boost Cellular Energy Benefits Skin

Many forms of cell stress like stress, inflammation, psychological stress or illness can result in mitochondrial dysfunction which is one of the major causes of the accelerated aging process.

Imagine how you feel following a night of sleeplessness or the jetlag that follows a day of travel. You definitely aren’t in your best way. Your cells aren’t able to perform at their best when their mitochondria aren’t able to efficiently transform raw materials into energy.

Reversing mitochondrial dysfunction could be a significant influence on the appearance of your skin and general health.

Light therapy with red LEDs decreases inflammation through reduction of the oxidative tension in addition to increasing microcirculation which delivers oxygen and nutrients to the affected area and helps eliminate debris. This helps to improve cell function.

The synergistic benefits of Red as well as Blue Light Therapy

The blue and red light therapy work well when combined.

Certain conditions, like severe acne or precancerous lesions are ideal candidates for combination treatment. While red light activates cells to create collagen and Elastin, blue light kills bacteria.

In the past it was hard to locate an medical grade blue light therapy equipment. The majority of devices using blue light are compact and have low power, meaning that you have to make use of them for long periods in order to see the results.

Even the most expensive devices such as masks that cost upwards of $600 -they are usually very inefficient and driven by sales than scientific studies and research. See Exquisite Depots Light Therapy options here.

It can be utilized in a myriad of ways for skin health, muscle joints, recovery from injury and the healing of wounds and treatment of brain health, pain management and more.

At Home Red Light Therapy LED Equipment

They can be joined and placed on stand-ups that are horizontal or vertical for the ultimate in ease.

Prepare yourself so that the therapy will begin taking effect in time, as it works to boost the body’s natural healing capacity.

A number of studies of light therapy for chronic illnesses recommend a minimum of four months before you can see significant results. When you have seen the results, you might want to keep undergoing daily treatments to keep your cells functioning at their highest capacity.

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