Exquisite 6 in 1 RF 40K Reduction Ultrasonic Cavitation 2.5 Slimming Machine


  • Blast stubborn fat cells
  • Reduce toxins in the body
  • Belly Fat Loss, Non-invasive fat loss
  • Improve facial skin and remove wrinkles
  • Tighten the skin and increase skin elasticity
  • Improve eye droop and contour, Remove dark circles

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1. Cavitation 2.5 Technology

A. Comfort
New Cavitation Technology–Annoying noise in ears caused by cavitation will be reduced 3 times. Clinical data indicates a more comfortable weight loss experience for you.

B. Intelligence
Intelligent frequency adjustment technology can adjust the frequency according to the temperature of the derma during fat dissolve, so people will not feel very hot during treatment, providing them a comfortable warm experience.

C. Long Working Lifetime
As we all know, the hotter the cavitation head, the shorter lifetime for the cavitation head, so this tech provides 10 times the working time due to this new intelligent frequency adjustment technology, resulting in significant money savings.

D. Better Treatment Effects
Enhanced output power allows for a more effective result that clients can see fast.

40K Cavitation 2.5 Machine VS 40k Cavitation 2.0 Machine Energy

The energy of cavitation 2.5 is increased:
Cavitation 2.0 Handle Frequency: 40KHz Power: 20W
Cavitation 2.5 Handle Frequency: 40KHz Power: 30W

In addition to the cavitation handle, the frequency and energy of the RF handle are increased.

  • 6-polar 3D SMART Body RF Handle Frequency: 3MHz Power: 30W
  • 6-polar RF Vacuum Handle Frequency: 3MHz Power: 50W
  • Bipolar 3D SMART RF Handle Frequency: 3MHZ Power: 30W
  • 6-polar RF Face Handle Frequency: 3MHZ Power:50W

The cavitation handle of the cavitation 2.5 machines become bigger, which makes your treatment more effective:

E. Digital calibration
The intelligent calibration technology means it can adjust the frequency throughout the whole treatment and calibrate the error of frequency by itself to make the output frequency stay the same frequency. In this way, the cavitation machine will provide more effective results for body shaping (3 times as long as normal cavitation) and the handles’ lifetime will be 10 times more than other cavitation machines.

2. 3D Smart RF

More comfortable and more Intelligent; 3D SMART RF utilizes a special technology utilizing a touch sensor, which can modulate Radio Frequency during a procedure to start and stop working during treatment. Normal Radion Frequency, when in working condition, will transmit energy out whether it touches skin or not, but 3D SMART RF will not do this because the touch sensor can detect the conditions. The 3D SMART RF only works when the RF probe touches the skin and the light will be on. Then the 3D SMART RF will emit from low to high temperature adjusted automatically upon skin’s temperature to enhance the safety factor and client comfort to a great extent.

3. 10 Vacuum Working Modes

Different from a normal cavitation vacuum rf slimming machine this has a stunning 10 vacuum working modes.
6 default vacuum working modes plus 4 manual vacuum working modes; It makes vacuum like a massager and customers can choose the best setting according to their own preference. The10 vacuum working modes will provide your client a massage-like experience in your spa.

Package Contents

1 x Lipo Cavitation RF Lipo Laser Main Machine
1 x 40KHz Cavitation Handle
1 x Vacuum Biploar SMART 3D RF Handle
1 x Three pole SMART 3D RF Handle for Face and Eye Around
1 x Quadrupole SMART 3D RF Handle for Face and Body
1 x Multipolar SMART 3D RF Handle for Body
1 x Big Lipo Laser Paddles
1 x Small Lipo Laser Paddles
1 x Power Supply Cord

Cavitation Machine FAQs

Faq Page Here.


Exquisite Depot provides a one-year consumer limited voluntary manufacturer’s warranty on all cavitation machines starting one (1) year from delivery date. Three (3) months on all cavitation, vacuum, radio frequency handles, lipo pads, cryo handles, parts and accessories. More information on the included warranty can be found here.

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