Exquisite 5 in 1 3D RF Cavitation


  • 40KHz Cavitation Body Weight Loss
  • Sextupole Radio Frequency For Body Shaping
  • Quadrupole RF With Vacuum For Body Simming
  • Quadrupole RF For Facial Lifting, Anti-aging
  • Bipolar Radio Frequency For Face And Around Eyes

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What Is a Cavitation 2.0 Machine?

The normal ultrasonic cavitation machine has a large and quite loud ring in the ears during the treatment.
The cavitation 2.0 slimming machine has improved this problem by Its new intelligence frequency adjustment technology, the noise in the ears during treatments is reduced.
You can enjoy a better treatment along with faster results.

Is Cavitation 2.0 Fat Loss Permanent?

Within a few weeks after the last cavitation 2.0 fat loss treatment, the results will continue to improve.
The body will continue to metabolize fat for up to 12 weeks, which means that for most people, this loss may be permanent.
This process will also make your skin firmer and smoother than before

How Often Should I Use 5 in1 Cavitation 2.0 Machine?

This cavitation 2.0 RF machine cannot be used every day. Experts advise:

Cavitation 2.0: 8-12 sessions spaced 3 days apart for the first 3 sessions, then once a week. And skin tightening treatment: 8-12 sessions spaced 3 days apart for the first 3 sessions, then once a week. after the initial treatment is completed, maintenance treatment includes 4 months, once a month, then every 4 months for treatment.

Benefits of 5 in1 Cavitation 2.0 RF Machine

– Results in lost inches in week’s time.
– Skin tightening, skin restoration, and refresh.
– Without any surgical liposuction
– No downtime, affordable price