Radiofrequency facial treatment techs have several types available:

  • Monopolar RF
  • Bipolar RF
  • Tripolar RF
  • Etc

Many therapists were found confused and don’t know which one to choose. This article will tell you how to select and get rid of certain skin aging matters.

A Monopolar RF device penetrates the RF wave from the solo RF electrode. It is vertical penetration so it can go deep. This action will affect the deeper dermis level to re-array collagen. It causes instant lite skin tightening, which yet is just a small part of the results. RF wave thermal effect also promotes regeneration of new collagen in furthering the repair procedure, which gradually lifts up the contour as supported by studies, here.

Based on this theory, a monopolar RF treatment is more suitable to lift up sagging, lift up the Apple Zone, reduce heavy wrinkles, dynamic wrinkles, static wrinkles(typically crow’s feet and forehead ones), tighten cheeks, reduce double chin, shape face curve, lift up jowl, tighten eye pouch, smooth neck wrinkle, etc.

As the monopolar RF wave penetrates from surface to deep level, superficial fine lines are a piece of cake to get rid of.

Bipolar RF only uses a 2-electrode handle. The RF waves travel from one electrode to the other. So it is the tissue between 2 electrodes being affected. Accordingly, the RF wave penetration is basically parallel to the skin surface. It is not as deep as monopolar. Therefore, bipolar RF is mainly targeting on fine lines, pores, lite wrinkles, toning, etc

Customers who are over 35 years old and have sagging and aging problems are recommended to use monopolar RF facials. They need an obvious change in contour lifting. This treatment is more like part of the high-end anti-aging one.

The young group is more likely to use bipolar RF facial treatment as a procedure of skin management. This group has less sagging issue and need more change in skin texture rejuvenation.

Don’t want to have both machines, then please immediately come to Monopolar RF systems.


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