Exquisite: The Best Infrared Laser Therapy to Treat Pain

Exquisite FOS 1800W 660nm 850nm LED Red Light Therapy Panel

Exquisite FOS 1800W 660nm 850nm LED Red Light Therapy Panel

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Exquisite FOS 2400W LED Red Light Therapy 630 660nm 830 850nm Infrared Panel

Exquisite FOS 2400W LED Red Light Therapy 630 660nm 830 850nm Infrared Panel

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Exquisite FOS PRO 660nm 850nm Portable Red LED Light panel

Exquisite FOS PRO 660nm 850nm Portable Red LED Light panel

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Exquisite FOS 600W LED Red Light Therapy Device 660nm 850nm Red Infrared Light Therapy Panel

Exquisite FOS 600W LED Red Light Therapy Device 660nm 850nm Red Infrared Light Therapy Panel

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Exquisite Titanium Mesotherapy Needle Free Gun Facial Rejuvenation Machine

Exquisite Titanium Mesotherapy Needle Free Gun Facial Rejuvenation Machine

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While the red light therapy can be an effective tool for combating visible aesthetic problems like the loss of hair, aging skin or acne. However, the overall benefits that near-infrared therapy can offer additional go far beyond the skin. Most people don’t realize how beneficial infrared light therapy could be in the treatment of pain-inducing injuries.

If you are suffering from arthritis-related pain, ankle sprain or strain in your muscles, or an injury to your back, wrist, or knee treatment with red light therapy could benefit reduce inflammation and provide much-needed pain relief. However, the treatments for chronic pain are a bit different and produce a variety of payoff.

Chronic Pain can be a long-term issue

About 20 percent to 20% of American people suffer with chronic pain. This contributes to the escalating cost of healthcare loss of productivity, low quality of life across the country. Many are seeking more than a product that hides the signs of their injury…they seek relief from pain and healing for long-term relief.

Additionally chronic pain is associated with opioid dependence anxiety, depression, and. Pain is not only physically debilitating, it can also impact mental health on an everyday basis.

What exactly is Infrared (IR) Therapy? What is Light Therapy?

Like plants, research has demonstrated that human bodies are able to absorb light particles (photons) and convert the energy of light into triphosphate adenosine (ATP) that is the type of energy required to fuel metabolism, increase cellular performance, and aid in the regeneration and repair of tissue.

Modern LED light therapy that is red or near-infrared makes use of three different wavelengths: Red, Blue, and Near-Infrared. Light therapy with blue and red impart excellent aesthetic benefits, like acne treatment, as well as increased production of collagen aiding in bring off the youthful glow that people associate with facials with red light therapy.

Infrared light, however particularly near-infrared, has an array of benefits for medical practitioners that are scientifically proven to penetrate below the skin’s surface to target joint and muscle pain directly at the source, giving much-needed relief from pain for patients suffering from arthritis, inflammation or any other type of injury.

If you’re seeking relief from pain due to an ongoing condition or the recovery from an injury in particular (i.e. an ankle injury or muscles strain) The red light therapy is a safe and safe treatment opportunity.

What is Red Light Therapy for Pain Does it Work?

Insufficient circulation and the absence of oxygen and other vital molecules (i.e. Adenosine Triphosphate, glucose (ATP)) inside blood vessels can result in discomfort or absence of sensation. Light energy increases production of nitric Oxide, creating blood vessels that rise in size (vasodilation) and permitting more oxygen flow, blood flow and other vital elements to flow. This improve in nutrients and oxygen and activation of light energy that is released by Exquisite stimulates ATP production. This triggers pathways that relieve pain. This helps reduce inflammation and pain and promotes tissue healing within the area of injury.

This is similar to the way that plants develop by converting energy from the sun in photosynthesis. Infrared and red (IR) therapy — also known as “low-level lighting” therapy employs specificwavelengths with proven results to trigger a natural reaction in human tissues that could rise circulation, speed up repair, reduce muscles pain, reduce stiff joints, and improve the overall performance of cells on a micro-level. Infrared (IR) light therapy boosts cell energy, which can help increase the body’s healing capabilities.

Like the charger for your cell phone increases the battery capacity of your phone, the red light therapy can boost the power of your cells , thereby promoting healing of tissues injured or muscle.

Trauma and tissue damage

If tissue is damaged or injured and subsequently hurts, pain can result. Human tissue is susceptible to damage through a variety of methods like a sprained ankle an operation that didn’t fully heal, or an excessively strenuous exercise routine can result in the body to feel uncomfortable and cause emotional distress.

The pain can be temporary or chronic, depending on the type of injury sustained and the way it manifests its own way for each person it is difficult to manage.

Differentialities in Shape-Taking

Exquisite’s ability to bend or flex and then contour near the surface of skin (i.e. wrapping around the ankle to relieve a strain or muscles surrounding the knee area to heal injuries) lets cells absorb more light energy in order to actually achieve the highest level of restorative capacity.

Exquisite’s distinctive and innovative design has been proven to prepare pain relief therapeutic benefits, which makes the all-natural treatment of pain a feasible feature for people suffering from inflammation and pain from injury or excessive use.

Home Pain Relief at-Home: A Present to damaged cells

It’s not necessary to go to a clinic in order for the therapeutic advantages from an infrared (IR) treatment with light. Within just 30 minutes per day, Exquisite’s mobile and light-weight device allows you to accomplish the same quality of competent treatment at the convenience of your home or while on the go. Additionally, treatments are non-invasive, require no recovery and is suitable on any type of skin.

From chronic pain treatment from pain relief to increased endurance to exercise Infrared (IR) laser therapy is scientifically proven to impart beneficial effects for therapeutic purposes in a myriad of medical applications, reaching far beyond the skin’s surface to improve health on a cellular level.

A New Approach for Pain Management

Exquisite LED infrared therapy is a new method of managing chronic pain. Free of toxic chemicals and the threat of dependence Near-infrared and red laser therapy can be a natural treatment that heals your body from the inside out.

Instead of merely covering up discomfort, Exquisite red/near-infrared light therapy is a different approach to treating the underlying issue, increasing the performance and repair of tissues as well as permitting your body to function in a way that is optimally overall health and well-being.

Exquisite’s near-infrared and red light therapy technology and its unique body contouring device, you can maintain and regain the vitality of your body without any prescription medications and the harmful side effects they can cause which can result in long-lasting improvement in your pain management that you can count on.

The medically prescribed painkillers are effective in blocking the pain receptors in the brain, reducing the symptoms, but not solving the cause.

In addition is that opioids are extremely addictive , and the likelihood of developing addiction is increased significantly when they are utilized regularly to treat chronic pain that lasts for a long time. As per the National Institute on Drug Abuse More than 90 Americans die from opioid overdose each day.

How can Infrared (IR) Therapy Help? Light Therapy Aid in Pain Management?

Insufficient circulation and the absence of oxygen and other vital molecules (i.e. Adenosine Triphosphate, glucose (ATP)) within blood vessels may cause discomfort or feeling of numbness.

When it comes to the effective treatment of pain issues using LED laser therapy, both infrared as well as red wavelength is the most important factor. As opposed the blue therapy near-infrared wavelengths penetrate deeply into joint tissues to ease discomfort, boost circulation and decrease inflammation. Infrared light therapy supplies damaged cells with additional energy to speed up the healing process of damaged tissue cells, stimulate cell proliferation, and bring back homeostasis in the body.

Light energy increases releases of nitric oxide which causes blood vessels to improve in size (vasodilation) and permitting more oxygen, blood flow and other essential factors to get to cells.

This rise in nutrients and oxygen as well as the activation of light energy released by Exquisite LED devices boosts ATP production. This stimulates pain relieving pathways, thereby providing relief from pain. This reduces inflammation and pain and improves the regeneration of tissue within the affected area.

The original idea was created by NASA engineers to benefit manage pain and injury treatment during long-term space missions. Red and infrared laser therapy is widely used as a safe and natural method for treating the various types of muscle pain and skin issues.

However, you don’t have to have a spacecraft in order to enjoy the benefits of infrared light therapy to treat pain. You don’t have to fly to outer space. Indeed, it’s the case that you won’t have to leave your home.

The idea was originally designed by NASA engineers to benefit manage pain and treatment of injuries on long-term space missions. Light therapy is now used as a non-toxic and safe method to treat a wide range of skin and pain.

With the advent of portable devices for infrared light therapy with a portable design, individuals are able to benefit from self-administered infrared and red treatment at the comfort of their homes. But not every infrared and red light therapy is the same.

What makes Exquisite Red and Infrared Light Therapy for Pain Management Different?

Exquisite’s method of managing pain is inspired by lighttherapy, supported by research and approved from the FDA. Exquisite’s incredibly versatile Red, Blue and Infrared laser therapy systems work on various parts of the body and address a variety of pain-related ailments.

In contrast to other red light therapy LED devices available, Exquisite has the unique ability to conform on the surface of your skin to allow for greater absorption of light by cells, and maximize therapeutic effectiveness. The increased absorption could benefit to offer real alleviation from persistent pain or persistent joint and muscle injuries.