We purchased the Capillus laser cap years ago to try capillus in the development stages of Exquisite Depot next offering.

Capillus Laser Cap Review

During testing, we had not seen any improvement using the Capillus growth cap until much time passed.

We’ve been following the treatment and applying it according to the instructions in the manual. It is true that laser treatments require a long time to complete and may not work for everyone However, I had hoped that it would work faster at this cost, so we were not pleased.

We continued to use the treatment for up to 15 months however, we haven’t noticed any significant changes. The product was not able to be returned since the warranty expired.

After three months we decided to test an Igrowth laser from a different manufacturer that has more DIODES, and is less expensive than Capillus. This laser has shown improvement after three months, and we anticipate further improvements in the near future.

What is the reason Capillus is so costly?

Try Capillus is priced so high because it is claimed to be of high quality and is FDA certified. A typical laser cap for hair growth that is comparable to Capillus Ultra retails at between $700 and $1000.

The price of a cap is determined by the number of diodes in the laser. The Capillus model that is expensive is only 82 diodes, whereas an equivalent model is sold for less than $1000, and more than 200 diodes, which is about 3 times its power. A price of more than $1000 for Capillus is considered too expensive.

Is Capillus Laser Cap FDA approved?   

Capillus isn’t FDA certified. The company is FDA cleared as they have the ability to prove that the product functions as a laser-based device such as HairMax Comb and IGrowth Laser. HairMax Comb and IGrowth Laser.

They claimed to be the market leader in this area they were already an was a well-established product in the past and nothing is new.

A few non-FDA-approved products are more effective and cheaper than this particular brand. If you’re looking to invest in a hair-growth device, you could save on your money to purchase the most priced brands.

Does Capillus actually regrow hair?

Capillux failed to work or regenerate hair like we expected. We believed it would perform as promised, but we haven’t seen any signs of results. Another issue is manufacturing defect. After a while, it began to lose power from the battery.

We also tried to contact them about this issue however they told us that they were unable to repair it since we had out-performed the warranty. If the item is still within the warranty period and you wish to exchange it be prepared to be prepared to pay a $200 restocking charge.

Can you use Capillus Laser Cap on wet hair?

It’s not advised to try Capillus or any diode that emits energy onto wet hair. Before wearing the cap, ensure that your hair is dry and washed. There isn’t a general guideline that states that it should be put on with wet or dry hair.

Can I use Capillus twice a day?

We utilize the Capillus frequently throughout the daily. Their website states: it states that no adverse effects will be experienced by using the laser therapy for prolonged periods of time. This isn’t meaningful to us as the product was not working for us.

Alternate Options to the Capullus Laser Cap

If you’re not looking to break the bank take a look at Exquisite Depots Laser Cap against hair loss. You can plug the cable from the cap to a power bank and run remotely. 

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