The medical research has found that approximately 20 million American men suffer from Erectile disorder (ED). As there is a link between hypertension and diabetes and ED and lifestyle modifications can help improve the situation. But, low testosterone and other issues can be a contributing factor. This article examines the advantages of treating erectile dysfunction using Red light therapy. This is which is a natural and safe treatment that is able to tackle the root cause of ED and provide numerous health benefits.

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Exquisite FOS 1800W 660nm 850nm LED Red Light Therapy Panel

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Exquisite FOS 2400W LED Red Light Therapy 630 660nm 830 850nm Infrared Panel

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Exquisite FOS PRO 660nm 850nm Portable Red LED Light panel

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How red Light Therapy can help with Erectile Dysfunction as well as Penis Health

Erectile dysfunction, also known as ED is usually related to aging as testosterone’s natural production declines slowly over time. However, men who are younger may be affected by this issue, that could lead to mental and physical health problems.

Given that we’re considering an unusual treatment the first question that will pop up you’re thinking of is likely, “Is red light therapy suitable in the treatment of penis?” The answer is yes. It’s also safe for testicles as well and is just as crucial. This procedure is now becoming popular for the general health of men and with well-known celebrities, such as Turker Carlson, recommending it.

Concerning safety: Several studies using red light therapy use lasers to give the light using a method known as “low-level radiation therapy.” This therapy can be effective in treating a variety of ailments because of the potential for injury to tissues it must performed by a qualified medical professional.

However, with the help of technological advancements in light-emitting diode (LED) technology therapy near-infrared (NIR) and red (NIR) wavelengths are now provided safely through LED devices for red light therapy.

The wavelengths employed are identical (red as well as NIR) however the way they are delivered is different. In contrast to lasers, LEDs do not cause heat to the tissues so the red LED light sources can provide all the positive effects of the red light therapy without the dangers.

In reality, a lot of studies that are new are conducted using LED red light sources instead of low-level lasers. These studies can be referring to the procedure known as red light therapy as well as Low-level Light Therapy (LLLT) or photobiomodulation, all which refer to the same procedure.

How Does Red Light Therapy Does It Work?

The body responds to light in various ways depending on the wavelength and color. Blue light, for instance can be energizing and green light is soothing and, as numerous studies have proven that red light therapy may aid in healing.

“Red Light Therapy” is a term used to describe “red laser therapy” is a reference to both NIR and red light. The red wavelengths vary between 620 and 750 nanometers (nm) and NIR wavelengths vary between 780 and 1200 nanometers. Numerous studies have proven that the highest amount of positive effects on the human body occur within the therapeutic window. It’s Red wavelengths that fall between 630 and 660 nanometers and NIR wavelengths that span between 810 nm and 850 nanometers.

Red light therapy can make use of exclusively red wavelengths and only NIR wavelengths or (ideally) the combination of both.

Red light therapy helps with sexual health and health of the penis through three ways increasing the production of energy in cells, increased circulation of blood, as well as decreased inflammation.

These benefits can be beneficial to treat the main cause(s) for ED. Indirectly, the use of red light therapy is a way to address hormonal imbalances that can cause low testosterone levels, commonly known as Low-T.

The use of red light therapy has been found to increase the size of muscles, which in turn stimulates testosterone’s natural production and aids with weight loss. It could also help improve sexual performance.

One important thing to remember about the red light therapy treatment for ED is that it isn’t similar to ED pills that are intended to aid in maintaining and achieving an sexual erection. Red light therapy works on a cell level, and assists the body to function optimally. Also, instead of just treating symptoms of ED treatment, the red light tackles the root cause of it.

Red Light Therapy Increases Cellular Energy

When cells fail to produce enough energy, it’s an issue called mitochondrial dysfunction. Small organelles known as mitochondria are present in all cells in our bodies they serve to transform substances into a kind of cell-based fuel called Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP).

Sometimes the process isn’t working in the way it should, and cells begin to deplete. After that, they are unable to hold in the air and performance decreases. When a lot of cells within an organism suffer, the entire system is affected.

Mitochondrial dysfunction may be caused through chronic inflammation, diseases or even emotional stress.

The treatment of red light has been found to boost ATP production, leading to improved cellular function.

What is the significance of cellular function to ED?

Low-T is a typical reason for Erectile dysfunction. It’s more common among men older than 40 years old, however younger men may be affected by unusually low testosterone levels.

Red light therapy increases energy production in Leydig cells. These are the cells responsible for generating testosterone. This will naturally boost testosterone production regardless of age.

By utilizing constant red light therapy, you can, and positive life changes boost testosterone levels in the right way or even higher. Learn more details about red light therapy and testosterone production here at our blog.

The research study conducted in 2013 conducted by researchers from Korea included stimulating an increase in the testosterone production in male rats by the combination of near-infrared and red light. The study suggests that the use of red light therapy may be utilized as an alternative therapy in place of the conventional testosterone replacement therapy.

The treatment of mitochondrial malfunction could be the answer to a variety of chronic health issues such as low-T.

Michael Hamblin, one of the top experts worldwide in the field of red light therapy wrote the paper in 2017 entitled ” Mechanisms and Applications of the Anti-Inflammatory Effects Photobiomodulation. In the article, Hamblin discusses the efficacy of the red light therapy for decreasing inflammation, which may be a factor in mitochondrial dysfunction.

An study from 2008 University of California San Diego study found the fact that NIR and red light therapy increased the production of ATP in mitochondria. The treatment with red light (i.e. both near-infrared and red light) also positively affected cell proliferation and also cellular homeostasis which is a key factor in functioning of cells under normal conditions.

In short Red light therapy can boost cell performance across all cells including Leydig cells however this is not the only way to treat Erectile dysfunction.

Red Light Therapy Increases Blood Flow

Erectile dysfunction is usually due to a lack of blood flow that is one of the reasons why diabetics and people who suffer from heart disease are often suffering from Erectile dysfunction. A high level of blood glucose can reduce the blood vessels’ elasticity and result in blood vessels narrowing which hinders the flow of blood.

Inducing blood flow by using the use of red light therapy may be one method to cure the problem of erectile dysfunction. Red wavelengths penetrate the skin and promote microcirculation.

Near-infrared light penetrates your body further, up to approximately three inches. This implies it is possible that NIR light therapy may penetrate the blood vessels within the penis to increase circulation and aid in helping you attain and maintain an erection.

2017. study about the consequences of peripheral artery diseases caused by diabetes discovered that the use of red light therapy increased vasodilation both in the healthy blood vessels and those with diabetes. This could be a promising treatment for not only vascular disease caused by diabetes but any other condition in which poor circulation may be the cause – for example, erectile dysfunction.

In a 2007 study, Arthur L. Burnett, Johns Hopkins professor and researcher, explained that the release of Nitric oxide is crucial to achieving and maintaining an sexual erection. Nitric oxide eases smooth muscles of the veins, allowing the veins to expand and boost blood flow.

A study from 2013 conducted carried out by scientists from Brigham Young University found that NIR light therapy enhanced the levels of nitric oxide within the veins. The study concluded that it could be a feasible treatment when an increase in blood flow to the peripheral areas is desired.

A 2017 study of diabetes-related vascular disease discovered that the use of the use of red light therapy effectively dilates blood vessels suggesting the potential of red light therapy to improve vasodilation in the penis.

Red Light Therapy Reduces Inflammation

Red light therapy is well-known by its properties to reduce inflammation which can make it an beneficial treatment for inflammatory conditions like rheumatoidarthritis.

What are the implications of inflammation in ED?

It’s not always a localized issue, like chronic (temporary) swelling that happens in the normal healing process following an injury. If it’s extensive and persistent, it can be a problem for various systems, such as the endocrine system that regulates hormones, including testosterone production.

Inflammation might not be the factor behind Low-T but it could be an important factor. Inflammation is a factor in cancer, diabetes and obesity, which all are associated with ED so it’s plausible to consider that reducing chronic inflammation may possibly help in preventing sexual dysfunction.

Other benefits from Red Light Therapy that Can aid in the treatment of ED

The three benefits we’ve talked about are the main methods that red light therapy may aid in treating erectile dysfunction, there are other indirect methods as well. This is among the primary benefits that red light therapy has. It produces a significant impact on the body, activating cells, increasing blood circulation, and decreasing chronic inflammation.

There are a handful of ways that red light therapy can aid in treating sexual dysfunction. If you take into account the psychological and physical benefits of therapy using red light and you’ll see that it’s a feasible treatment for a variety of reasons.

Red Light for Seasonal Affective Disorder as well as General Depression

If you’re depressed at any time, not just during the season you’re aware that your mental state can have a negative influence on your sexual life, through a decline in sexual pleasure and function. The addition of red light therapy to treatment for depression may help you feel happier which could improve your sexual experience.

The red light has antidepressant effects that is a great thing for those whose wellbeing (and your sexual wellbeing) is suffering due to depression.

Although red light therapy isn’t as effective as light therapy using bright light for treatment of the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) A 2012 study revealed that red light treatment helped depression. Participants in the study that received light therapy with treatment with the placebo (red) light initially were able to maintain significant improvements in Depression scores when they received the active (bright bright) treatment.

What Red Light Therapy Boosts Testosterone Levels

As we’ve mentioned before that red light therapy could increase testosterone levels by stimulating the Leydig cells however that’s not all the method that red light therapy can aid. The testosterone levels that are low can be improved by red light therapy as it has been proven clinically to help improve hormonal imbalances and aid in building muscle mass and reduce weight.

Increased testosterone levels lead to a greater sexual arousal but it also aids in mental health and brain functioning.

Red Light Therapy Improves Thyroid and Adrenal Health

Have you ever thought about how a low thyroid or adrenal fatigue may make you feel exhausted without reason, and could be a contributing factor to ED?

Thyroid hormones are involved in the production of energy. Therefore, increasing thyroid hormones by using the red light therapy is a method to feel more energetic and, sometimes, being more relaxed could lead to increased sexual arousal and improved sexual performance.

Red light therapy decreases the requirement for a hypothyroid medication, known as levothyroxine according to an investigation conducted in 2010 conducted by scientists from Sao Paulo, Brazil. A total of 15 patients suffering from hypothyroidism been treated with levothyroxine and took part in the study. After ten treatments of NIR laser therapy, each patient were able to reduce their dosage of levothyroxine or didn’t require the medication in any way.

In the same way, a research study conducted by research team members from Brazil proved the fact that treatment with red light using a mix of NIR and red light will have long-lasting positive effects on the thyroid health.

Because tiny amounts of testosterone in males are generated from adrenal glands adrenal glands, it’s an excellent idea to treat your adrenal glands using NIR light.

Red Light Therapy aids in weight Loss

Obesity and ED have been associated in particular because there is a significant connection between diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.

The use of red light therapy has been proven to aid in fat loss, as described in a paper from 2014 co-authored by Hamblin. The authors present an intriguing mechanism through how this fat loss happens in only a few minutes of therapy, wavelengths cause temporary leaks that form inside fat cells. This permits the lipids (fats) to escape. The authors further state that the red light therapy accelerates the death of fat cells.

It’s crucial to remember that red light therapy isn’t a miracle cure to reduce weight. In conjunction with a healthy, balanced diet and routine exercise, it could play an important role in the right fat loss regimen.

Red Light Therapy Increases Muscle Mass

Growing muscle mass is one method to increase testosterone levels.

The use of red light has found to boost athletic performance via improved cellular function, better circulatory system, lower inflammation and a rise in the muscle mass. The effects can be measured when red light therapy is paired with cardio treadmill exercise.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that the use of red light therapy prior to and after exercise increase the mass of muscles as well as improves the time to fatigue (endurance) and aids muscles in performing with more strength, and speed the recovery process.

In a review of 2016 conducted jointly scientists from Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School as well as the Universidade do Sagrado Coracao (Brazil) analyzed more than 40 research studies which involved over a thousand professional and amateur athletes. The study discovered that both red and NIR light therapy may improve muscle mass and also reduce inflammation and oxidative stress within muscles.

In reality the red light therapy proven to be extremely efficient in enhancing athletic performance that researchers wondered if it should be permitted during competitions as it could give athletes the unfair “advantage in their sports performance.”

The Bottom Line: Higher Testosterone levels could help treat the symptoms of ED

Although there haven’t yet been any studies conducted on the impact of red-light therapy for erectile dysfunction, there are certain indications of optimism. The therapy has been demonstrated to effectively treat certain of the conditions which can trigger ED and boost the body’s testosterone levels.

The most effective method to increase the level of testosterone in your body is with the combination using red-light therapy in addition to gaining muscles, and losing weight. Hormone replacement therapy may be an effective treatment, however it could create unwanted side effects in the majority of men. However, is not the case with red light therapy.

How to Utilize Red Light Therapy to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Penile health, and in it’s extension the sexual, can be addressed at home using the aid of a red light therapy device. The use of red light therapy is an amazing new method of treatment for the field of male fertility medicine.

The Most Effective red Light Therapy Device to Treat ED

The treatment of ED at home implies that your main target for red light therapy are the penis, the testicles along with the thyroid. It is possible to treat each of these by using a small red light therapy system.

The tiny but powerful red light source delivers two red wavelengths as well as three NIR wavelengths at once to treat all layers of tissue. You get the advantages of red and NIR wavelengths as a synergistic unit that provides the most effective combination of both.

It is important to note that red light therapy is suitable for your penis as well as testicles even at higher levels like 150 mW/cm2.

If you begin treating tiny areas of your body and begin to realize the many advantages of using red light therapy, you might be interested in larger panels for whole body coverage.

Having a bigger panel can make it easier to treat systemic inflammation and improve athletic performance. enhance thyroid health, increase blood circulation, and boost sexual health. See some of our panels at the bottom of the article and here.

The most effective therapeutic wavelengths

To get the most effective results when treating ED treatment, you should use an ED treatment that consists of NIR and red light simultaneously. Red wavelengths improve microcirculation, which leads to improved penile and testicular health, as well as better sexual function.

With longer wavelengths, NIR light penetrates deeper into the penis and testicles which reduce inflammation and increase the production of energy by cell membranes that the red wavelengths are unable to penetrate.

Consistence & Patience

While the red light therapy may be, remember that it’s not a solution to Erectile dysfunction. It is more of an essential role in increasing cell performance. In this way, it causes positive ripple effects on different bodily systems, including the circulatory system as well as the endocrine system which controls the release of sexual hormones.

Treatments that last between 10 and 20 minutes per day are able to be used over many months, address fundamental issues, which include hormonal imbalances that could contribute to ED and unsatisfactory sexual performance.

Make sure to give your body the chance to “reset.” This may be a long process that can take months or weeks, dependent on the severity of the problem.

Since red light therapy is verified to be safe for long-term use and you can continue to use the treatments several times per week for a long time to help support sexual function and enhance overall health and wellbeing.

Switch on the Red Light to fight ED

Hope this article has made you aware of the factors that contribute to ED and the ways in which red light therapy can treat the root causes that contribute to it.

It is also powerful for treating many other conditions than ED. We invite you to explore the pages on learning to learn about the numerous other ways that red light therapy can be utilized to improve your health. You’ll discover how this treatment is natural and can aid in the loss of hair, weight loss, skin health, pain and many other incredible advantages.

If you’re eager to start red light therapy at your home to increase testosterone and boost sexual health, Exquisite Depot is here to assist.

Exquisite FOS 1800W 660nm 850nm LED Red Light Therapy Panel

Exquisite FOS 1800W 660nm 850nm LED Red Light Therapy Panel

Original price was: $1,199.99.Current price is: $949.97.
Exquisite FOS 2400W LED Red Light Therapy 630 660nm 830 850nm Infrared Panel

Exquisite FOS 2400W LED Red Light Therapy 630 660nm 830 850nm Infrared Panel

Original price was: $1,559.99.Current price is: $1,359.97.
Exquisite FOS PRO 660nm 850nm Portable Red LED Light panel

Exquisite FOS PRO 660nm 850nm Portable Red LED Light panel

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Exquisite FOS 600W LED Red Light Therapy Device 660nm 850nm Red Infrared Light Therapy Panel

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