What Is EMS? What Is Electroporation?

EMS: EMS can be used to stimulate collagen regeneration, activate skin cells, soften wrinkles and make skin smoother and more healthy. Electric Muscle Stimulators are devices that use electrical impulses to stimulate muscle contraction. It is also known as myoelectric stimulation (NMES) and neuromuscular electric stimulation (MEMS). This tool is used by athletes, physiotherapists, and exercisers to build muscle using an electric charge. The nervous system is responsible. The EMS process involves the transfer of charge through electrodes attached on the skin’s surface.

Electroporation allows for the penetration of collagen and hyaluronic acids into the skin. You can achieve better results with your skin care products using electroporation without the use of needles. An electric field is used to open a channel in the epidermis and allow nutrients to flow more efficiently. This is called electroporation. Electroporation, RF, and other techniques can be used to treat conditions like wrinkles, pigmentation scars and freckles.

How Does EMS And Electroporation Work?

EMS: The Electric Muscle Stimulators, or EMS, send electrical impulses to the body’s nerves. This causes the muscles to contract and then relax. The body uses electronic information to tell muscles what to do, as explained above. This is the natural movement of our leg muscles when we walk.
The body contracts when EMS creates electrical charges. The electrode can be applied to the body and the charge strength, length, or duration can be altered. The electrodes can also be used in any location. Only muscles near the electrode can contract. The electrodes are placed on the desired area of the body by the user.

Electroporation: An electric field is used in electroporation to open a channel to the epidermis and allow nutrients to flow more efficiently into the cells. It means that any drug that is absorbed into the cell can affect the skin’s cellular level in a very short time. They can also bring about more dynamic and effective changes. Once the electric field has been turned off, the cells capture the nutrients within the cell membrane. This allows for continuous corrections. Referring to electroporation, it can transfer up to 90% of the substance to the skin (compared to 10% for traditional methods), without leaving any bruises or redness and without the use of any type of knife or needle in mesotherapy.

Is EMS Really Worth It?

These EMS are advertised to increase the firmness, tension, and strength in the abdominal muscles, but also to lose weight and reduce the waist.

Is EMS Effective For Weight Loss?

Exercise burns calories. Because muscle fibers are activated, EMS vests can help you to use energy. Contracting is the equivalent of active exercise.

EMS is not a substitute for a healthy lifestyle or dieting. Cardiovascular exercises that can be used as a supplement to Electric Muscle Stimulators technology include swimming, running, cycling and elliptical biking.

EMS stimulates weak muscles that are unable to contract fully without further irritation. While EMS devices are able to temporarily increase, adjust, and tighten muscles without additional irritation, they cannot be used to reduce weight, lose waist circumference, or gain hard rock-like abdominal muscles.

What Products Have This Feature?

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Among them, the treatment recommendations for the EMS & Electroporation handle are:

Face Lifting

1st Course of Treatment Recommended
Hydro+EMS+EL+RF 1 session
Hydro+EMS+EL 2 session
RF: 2 Sessions RF 2 session
EMS+EL+Vitamin 1 session
Water injection 1 session

2nd Course of Treatment Recommended
Hydro+EMS+EL+RF 1 Session
Hydro+EMS+EL 2 Sessions
RF: 2 Sessions RF 2 sessions
EMS+EL+Vitamin 2 sessions
Water injection 1 session

3rd  Course of Treatment Recommended
Hydro+EMS+EL 2 Sessions
RF: 2 Sessions
EMS+EL+Vitamin 1 session
Water injection 1 session

EMS & Electroporation Treatment Before & After

EMS & Electroporation Treatment FAQ

1. Can EMS exercise muscles? A: EMS is able to build muscle but not enough for athletic performance. EMS devices stimulate the motor nerves of muscles, not sensory nerve endings. EMS devices are used to prevent muscle atrophy, relieve pain, and adjust muscles.

2. Does the muscle stimulator work well for pain?
A: EMS has many effects on the body. It stimulates muscle contraction, stimulates nerves to relieve pain, increases blood flow, speeds up healing, reduces inflammation, stimulates cell proliferation, and heals. It also improves drug flow. Chronic pain can be reduced by EMS. You also get reduced joint pain and swelling. Prevent muscle atrophy (muscle tissue/muscle mass reduction).

3. What does electroporation do?
A: Electroporation (or electroosmosis) is a microbiological technique that uses an electric field to increase cell permeability to allow chemicals, drugs, and DNA to enter cells. Also known as electrotransfer.

4. What are the advantages of EMS & Electroporation
A: EMS can tighten and lift the skin to increase elasticity.
EL allows for the product to penetrate more deeply into the skin.