Exquisite Panemorfo 8 in 1 Cavitation Sculpting Machine

Body Remodeling and Skin Tightening System

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The Exquisite Panemorfo Pro is the latest, most advanced (Except for our 30K Line) 8-in-1 Comprehensive Body Sculpting System. With Exquisite Panemorof Pro you can help ALL of your clients achieve their personal slimming goals.
The Panemorfo PRO combines the most proven effective technologies for body contouring and facial rejuvenation.
  • – Ultrasonic Cavitation 40K 2.0
  • – Unique Vacuum RF
  • – Eight-Polar Body RF
  •  – Six-Polar Face RF
  • – Bi-Polar Eye RF
  • – LED Laser Paddles
  • – Hot – Cold Hammer
  • – Microcurrent &Photon


With Bipolar and Sixpolar Exquisite RF handpieces, combined with our built-in LED Red Light therapy you can address:
  • – Fine lines & wrinkles
  • – Saggy skin on neck & decollete
  • – Decreased skin elasticity
  • – Post acne & aging pigmentation
  • – Dark circles & puffiness around eyes
  • – Hooded Brows
  • – Loose jawline area
  • – Signs of aging on hands

Combination of Advanced Clinically Proven Technologies
How is the combination of Cavitation, RF, IR, and Vacuum Beneficial? The unique Exquisite Panemorfo Pro introduces a synergistic combination of technologies to target areas of the most concern with several benefits including:
  • – Slimming
  • – Body contouring
  • – Anti-cellulite
  • – Local fat reduction
  • – Skin firming & lifting
  • – Depuffing & volume reduction
  • – Improvement of skin tone & elasticity
  • – Healthy skin glow
  • – Tightened & toned skin
The combination of Cavitation with RF has been long-standing as one of the most popular & effective treatment methods on the market for body sculpting or remodeling treatments. Exquisite Cavitation targets fatty deposits, and the following RF stimulates lymph drainage with simultaneous skin rejuvenation & tightening effects. The Panemorfo Pro is a professional system that helps to provide safe & effective body sculpting results.

Exquisite Cavitation

Cavitation technology functions with gentle ultrasound waves, which help to achieve slimming goals. Our Ultrasonic Cavitation treatment works by melting away fat cells. With Panemorfo Pro you can adjust the frequency and create your customized protocols based on clients’ needs. 40K is the perfect classical cavitation frequency for the abdomen and waist area, as well as other body areas

Benefits of Exquisite Cavitation

  • – Ultrasound Slimming Technology
  • – Professional and safe technology
  • – Non-invasive slimming treatment
  • – Pain-free with no downtime
  • – Instant and long-lasting results

Exquisite Cyclone RF Technology
Exquisites Panemorfo Pro has a unique Body Sculptor Applicator with Cyclone RF Technology. Cyclone RF Technology has a unique internal design of the RF electrodes within the vacuum chamber: when the vacuum absorbs fat inside the chamber, the RF energy evenly heats the deep skin layers for a more effective treatment.
This advanced technology helps to:
  • – Improve skin elasticity
  • – Decrease cellulite
  • – Increase lymphatic and blood circulation

Radio Frequency

Exquisite RF utilizes a safe and superficial current that does not affect or change the structure of the skin tissues but helps the skin to maintain its natural rejuvenation process. Unlike Microneedle RF, Exquisite RF is completely non-invasive and non-aggressive for skin tissues. Exquisite RF is not intended to be used to treat any type of skin disease. It is intended to be used by estheticians for cosmetic purposes only.
RF is a very effective treatment that helps treat loose skin and wrinkles by tightening the treated areas. Exquisite RF uses gentle electrical current that helps to increase skin tone and elasticity by temporarily increasing local blood circulation, thus helping to improve the skin cell’s metabolism and further improving production of new collagen.
The Exquisite RF therapy helps to:
  • – increase tissue-oxygen supply
  • – accelerate cell metabolism
  • – stimulate collagen regeneration
  • – increase the production of elastin & hyaluronic acid

Exquisite Six-Polar RF Technology

The structure of the Multipolar Six-Polar RF handpiece makes it a perfect tool for face procedures. It is a safe body contouring device, Exquisite Face RF is adjusted to increase the intensity and skin temperature smoothly and evenly spread across its 6 poles. It provides a safe & comfortable heating, gradually increasing throughout the RF session. ⁣You will see instant results, without any pain or recovery downtime

Bi-Polar RF

Exquisite Bi-Polar RF is perfect for areas around the eyes and lips.
The built-in Red LED light of 640 nm helps to achieve anti-aging results.

LED Photon & Microcurrent

Our Led Light Therapy wand, Delivered via Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), Causes Bio-Stimulation On Cell Receptors. The Microcurrent stimulates the muscle to improve contours, improve absorption, wrinkles, & overall anti-aging. There Are 7 Different Light Colors each with its own benefit:

  • Red – Stimulates collagen production, reduces inflammation and improves skin texture, wrinkles, fine lines, acne, and wound healing.
  • Blue –  Increase synthesizing of protein and collagen. Useful for sensitive, oily skin and pimples. Help to Slimming.
  • Green – Balance. Normalize sebaceous glands. Reduce blackheads and sores.
  • Purple – Restrain the desire to eat. Has the effect of draining the lymphatic system. It is a combination of red and blue. Drain. Renew skin, and reduce wrinkles.
  • Orange – Regenerates the body, activating the cell tissue and metabolism.  Brighten. Whiten, decompose pigment, and smooth scars.
  • Turquoise – Has a calming effect. It is a combination of blue and green. Strengthen the ability to protect the skin. Calm down, release stress, and cure sunburn.
  • White – Helps skin to absorb nutrients & anti-aging.

Hot & Cold Hammer

  1. Hot Hammer [Heated]: Relaxes muscles, improving & stimulating blood circulation and opening the pores.
  2. Cold Hammer [Cold]: Helps to reduce wrinkles, cools swelling, and softens the skin.

LED Laser Pads

The Lipo Laser treatment can help to slim & contour the body in a completely non-invasive, no-downtime way. The fully non-invasive procedure uses the power of Red light & helps reduce the appearance of fat deposits over time.

During the treatment, pads dotted with red light diodes are placed on the skin for 20-30 minutes.

We recommend selling a package of six to eight procedures to achieve maximum results.

Treatment is a hands-free technology, which saves our providers time & opens an entirely new range of treatments that can be offered to clients while the Light pads are working.

You can combine the Exquisite Panemorfo Lipo laser treatment with simultaneous performance of:

  • – Vacuum Suctioning Cups for Buttocks Plumping
  • – LED Light Facial
  • – Facial or Face Masks

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Panemorfo Collection

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Function 5-in-1 5-in-1 6-in-1 7-in-1 8-in-1
Cavitation 40K 2.0 40K 2.0 40K 2.0 40K 2.0 40K 2.0
Body Vac + RF X X X X X
Body RF 8-Polar 8-Polar 8-Polar 8-Polar
Face RF 6-Polar RF 6-Polar RF 6-Polar RF 6-Polar RF
Eye RF Bi-Polar RF Bi-Polar RF Bi-Polar RF Bi-Polar RF Bi-Polar RF
Hot & Cold X X
Vacuum Cupping X
LED Laser X X
Microcurrent + Photon X X

Panemorfo 30K Collection

Function 4-in-1 5-in-1
Cavi + RF 30K 2.0 30K 2.0
Body Vac + RF X X
Body RF X X
Face RF+ Suction X X
LED Laser X

Before & After

Packing List

1 x Sextupole RF Handle
1 x 40K Unoisetion Cavitation 2.0 Handle
1 x Vacuum& Quadploar RF Head
1 x 2-Pole RF Handle
1 x 8-Pole RF Handle
1 x Microcurrent &Photon
1 x Cold hammer
1 x Power cord
6 x Big led laser paddle
2 x Small led laser paddle
1 x Main Machine

  1. Ultra Cavitation 2.0 Fat Burning Body Contour
  2. RF Skin Tightening Cellulite Removal Body Massage
  3. Lymph Detox, Promote Body Metabolism Blood Circulation
  4. Lipo Laser Weight Loss Skin Firming
  5. Face Lifting Skin Rejuvenation Anti Aging

This vacuum ultrasonic cavitation 8 in 1 radio frequency RF body slimming machine is one of the cavitation rf bio lifting machines at Exquisite Depot. It is mainly helpful to body slimming, fat reduction, anti-aging, skin tightening, face lifting, etc.

Ultrasound is routinely used for many diagnostic and therapeutic medical procedures. There’s virtually no risk involved, especially when compared to other methods of fat reduction that require invasive surgical procedures.


Benefits Of This Machine

The results of the hot seller, vacuum ultrasonic cavitation, 9 in 1 radio frequency RF body slimming machine are often visible right away – sometimes, you can see a difference immediately after your very first treatment.

Optimal results begin to show in as little as three days.

Depending on your individual body composition, you may need six to twelve treatments in order to achieve your goals. Aside from increasing your water intake, eating healthy, and maintaining a moderate exercise program, there’s nothing else you need to do to reap the benefits of ultrasound fat cavitation therapy.


What Does RF Do To Your Body?

RF radiation has lower energy than some other types of non-ionizing radiation, like visible light and infrared, but it has higher energy than extremely low-frequency (ELF) radiation. If RF radiation is absorbed by the body in large enough amounts, it can produce heat. This can lead to burns and body tissue damage.


How Often Can I Use The Machine On My Face?

In general, many practitioners recommend a course of six to eight radiofrequency facial treatments at one-month intervals, to achieve the initial level of improvement you want. After that, practitioners typically suggest a treatment every few months, or in some cases every year, to maintain the improvements.



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Proven by Science

Our product claims are supported by scientific evaluations and consumer panels for results you can see and feel.

We use advanced technology in every machine to obtain the most potent results out of every treatment  in both our formulas and  machines to maximize your performance.

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 18.1 × 10.2 × 10.2 in


Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Juniper Kaufman

I'm impressed by the versatility of the Panemorfo Pro. With its combination of technologies like cavitation, vacuum RF, and hot-cold hammer, it offers a wide range of benefits, including slimming, anti-cellulite, and improved skin tone. A reliable and effective machine that caters to various body sculpting needs.

Aitana O'Neal

I'm delighted with the transformation brought by the Panemorfo Pro. Its cutting-edge features, like cavitation, six-polar RF, and LED laser pads, deliver remarkable results in body sculpting, skin firming, and reducing wrinkles. This reliable and effective device truly satisfies its users.

Briar Gallagher
Exquisite Panemorfo 8 in 1 Cavitation Sculpting Machine

I'm so excited about the positive changes it has brought to my confidence. Its 8-in-1 system effectively addresses saggy skin, fine lines, and a loose jawline. This reliable and versatile machine has delivered noticeable improvements that have exceeded my expectations. It's truly a game-changer in boosting self-assurance.

Harper Hartman
Exquisite Panemorfo 8 in 1 Cavitation Sculpting Machine

This device is a professional-grade machine for achieving remarkable results. Its unique combination of technologies, including cavitation, RF, hot-cold hammer, and LED laser pads, offers a safe and effective treatment for body contouring and skin tightening. A reliable and versatile device that exceeded my expectations.

Cassandra Archer
Exquisite Panemorfo 8 in 1 Cavitation Sculpting Machine

I can't recommend the this Panemorfo Pro enough! It's a game-changer for beauty professionals, providing remarkable results in body sculpting, skin tightening, and facial rejuvenation. Clients will be delighted with its advanced technologies like cavitation, six-polar RF, and microcurrent with LED photon. A reliable and effective device that brings satisfaction and happiness to everyone.


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