Exquisite 6 in 1 HydraFacial Oxygen with Hold/Cold Hammer


  • Fine lines & wrinkle Reduction
  • Blackhead Removal
  • Cleanses, Detoxifies, Exfoliates
  • Pro Grade

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New Technology For Skin Rejuvenation

Our Spa professional 6 in1 facial beauty machine, including the function of Hydro, ultrasonic, hot and cold hammer, Bio with photon, oxygen sprayer, skin scrubber. A combination of deep cleaning and skincare, makes skin get away from oil, dulling, and acne.

Hydro & Oxygen Sprayer

Hydro Facial Probe
The vacuum circuit is formed by vacuum negative pressure, which fully combines the ultra-fine bubbles and nutrient solution, directly acts on the skin through the specially designed spiral suction tip, and can keep the ultra-fine bubbles in contact with the skin for a long time and promote the peeling effect. (Negative pressure: lower than normal pressure, the use of negative pressure is very common. People often make a certain part of the space appear negative pressure, then they can use the ubiquitous atmospheric pressure to work for us. For example: when people breathe, when the lungs are in a state of expansion When there is negative pressure, a pressure difference between the inside and outside of the lungs is formed to press fresh air into the lungs.) Small bubble cleaning is to uses this principle to deeply remove various impurities, mites, and grease residues in the hair follicles without pain.

Oxygen Sprayer
Using strong pressure of oxygen and water, molecular particles smaller than 80 microns are applied to the skin as a spray stream, which quickly penetrates the active water molecules and pure oxygen into the deep layers of the skin, accelerating the absorption of skin nutrients. Through strong pressure to penetrate the skin pores and skin cracks, from the epidermis layer to the dermis layer to promote the regeneration of cells, directly and quickly provide sufficient nutrition for the skin, and at the same time remove the deep epidermal layer garbage, hyperbaric oxygen, and nutrient solution can stimulate The fibrous tissue of the dermis regenerates, promotes metabolism, and achieves the effects of moisturizing, skin rejuvenation, and yellowing.

Skin Scrubber & Hot Cold Hammer

Skin Scrubber
The ultrasonic skin scrubber adopts the working principle of high-frequency ultrasonic, and the energy emitted by the mechanical vibration of 28,000 times per second has an obvious penetration effect on the human skin. It is atomized into small bubbles through ultrasonic cavitation when it meets with water. Through constant vibration, the small bubbles penetrate into the skin pores to split the acne, blackheads, acne, and other garbage of the pores into small particles, which are vibrated by high-frequency vibration + ultrasonic vibration To the surface of the skin. Low-frequency emulsification of sebum and secretions blocked by pores, while also sterilizing, atomizing water molecules into the pores, mechanically vibrating, removing excess thick cutin, purifying pores, decomposing oils and smoothing, tightening pores, clearing and smoothing the skin.

Hot Cold Hammer
Using the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, the skin will reduce the metabolic rate at 5 degrees Celsius, slow down the movement of cells, slow down the sensitivity of nerve endings, and play a certain role in inhibiting the pain, swelling, swelling, and pain of skin allergies. . Causes of thermal expansion and cold contraction The temperature of 5 degrees Celsius causes the blood vessels to contract, resulting in pore shrinkage, which can improve the enlarged pores and tighten the skin, thereby smoothing facial wrinkles and crow’s feet.

Bio with Photon & Ultrasonic Probe

Bio with Photon
By outputting biological currents that mimic the human body, it enters muscle cells through the skin, stimulates the energy ATP contained in the cells, restores normal operation and function of the cells, and provides energy to the muscles and the body; improves the permeability of the cells, which is 30%-40% higher than usual, Helps the human body better absorb nutrients and water, blood oxygen content, etc. while expelling waste, toxins and retained fluids as soon as possible; promote the synthesis of muscle fibers, 68% higher than usual, keep the skin moisturized, soft, firm and rich Luster: It can increase the level of collagen synthesis by 73%, which can reduce wrinkles and make the skin softer, more elastic and shiny.

Ultrasonic Probe
Using the principle of high-frequency vibration, the high-frequency vibration wave of 28,000 HZ/sec penetrates deeply into the subcutaneous tissue 4-6 mm. Ultrasound has high energy and a strong penetration rate, which can drive facial cells to vibrate, not only can export pore oil, but also can change the volume of cells to improve blood circulation, achieve the ability to stimulate cell regeneration, and make the skin shiny and elastic. Secondly, because of the warming effect caused by its high-frequency vibration principle, it also has the function of quickly introducing the beauty nutrient solution into the skin, allowing the skin to better absorb the nutrients in the skincare products.

Technical Specifications

Voltage: 110V-220V
Power: >60w
Vacuum 0–65cmHg
Clean Tank Capacity: 500ml
Waste Tank Capacity: 600ml

Package List

1 x Main machine
1 x Hydro facial probe
1 x Ultrasonic probe
1 x Hot and cold hammer
1 x Skin scrubber
1 x Bio with photon probe
1 x Oxygen sprayer
1 x Power cord
1 x Filter
2 x Holder for Probes
1 x Waste bottle
3 x Clean bottle

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Jessa Bellman

After spending nearly $2000.00 on in-spa cavitation services. I made the decision to buy this machine. I was skeptical, fearing it would not produce the same results as my In-Spa services. Today, I am delighted to report that THIS MACHINE WORKS!!!! I've been following a weekly routine and targeting specific areas that are resistant to exercise for the past two months. I'm getting the same results as with my previous In-Spa services in the same amount of time. This product is well worth the price, is simple to use, and produces the desired results.

Lucy Arnold

I ordered this machine and discovered that it performed the same functions as the salon machines. It was simple to set up and understand the function settings, but I believe it should include more detailed instructions on how to use each of the probes. I was able to find several videos online that describe the probes and demonstrate how to use them. This is excellent for the price, and it does what it says. Keep in mind that everyone's results will vary, but be patient and cautious, and the machine will produce pleasing results.

DrMelissa Jenkins

I've had this machine for a few months and everything works as it should! You must commit to doing cavitation every two weeks at the very least and only rf every four weeks because you must allow your body to go through a full life cycle for collagen after using it or you will be restarting it and stopping the growth every time you use it too soon! My skin is much tighter, and I've lost 2 inches around my waist!!!

Kate Bailey

I am so obsessed with skincare. I definitely will spend money on my skin instead of buying luxurious things like bags or clothes. For me, it’s like an investment. The medical spa where I get a HydraFacial is $210 ($175 + tip). Instead of going to regular spa facials, I buy this 6 in 1 HydraFacial Oxygen machine. After the treatment though, I was shocked at how amazing my skin looked and felt. It was dewy, glowing, hydrated, and felt so clean and refreshed. Is it worth the cost? To me, yes, I wouldn’t be writing this post if it wasn’t.

Rita Beauty

This has everything my salon needs and it has worked flawlessly for us. Touch screen is a breeze to use.