"The Ultimate" Guide to Professional Facial Equipment

The way to care for your skin was easy Wash your face and hands apply a moisturizer and that was all there was to it. You may have observed, this is no anymore.

But, as we've all become accustomed to applying serums, toners, or oils, as well as masks and toners an entirely new style of skincare has been born as a professional skincare.

If you have spa facilities investing in high-quality facial equipment can improve almost every aspect that you run your company. You'll see a broader positive impact on your business when you make use of the many advantages of technological advances in the beauty industry.

It could be an overly optimistic statement, but if you think about the therapeutic benefits they can provide and the potential to increase customer satisfaction, resulting in an increase in revenue, it might be the right time to become familiar with them in order to look into purchasing the equipment. But, given the huge amount of equipment available it is easy to see how it can be confusing. For your convenience that's precisely what this guide is designed for.

Let's first look at the benefits of having facial machines at your spa.

What are the benefits of Utilizing Facial Machines in your spa?

The benefits of owning professional facial machines are interconnected in the sense that one benefit can lead to the next.

  1. Treat skin issues more effectively.

The main objective of every spa should be to address a wide range of skin issues. The ability to treat all kinds of clients and help them with improving and correcting their skin instantly increases the potential of your earnings. These machines are able to treat issues like Acne, Rosacea, Hyperpigmentation and Skin tags, wrinkles and a host of others.

2. Higher customer satisfaction means higher revenues.

This should be a logical choice. When you are able to delight your clients by using such equipment, they'll be returning to continue their sessions.

3. The improved efficiency of your spa may increase referrals.

When customers trust your skills, they'll be sure to tell their family and friends about the way you helped them. You will also notice an increase in amount of new customers coming to your company due to the trust you've earned.

4. Automated systems save both energy and time.

Utilizing tested equipment can boost the efficiency of your spa's operation which allows you to handle more customers in lesser time and effort.

The Most Popular Face Treatments

Before we begin to look at the specific machines and equipment You may wish to know the most commonly used treatments to help you gain an understanding of the associated equipment.


Hydrodermabrasion is among the most advanced advances in the world of skincare. This amazing treatment utilizes advanced techniques to remove dead and dry skin cells from the top layer while simultaneously injecting hydro-serum in it as well as infusing the ingredients in accordance with the needs of the skin.

In addition to improving lymphatic flow and blood flow This three-dimensional and highly effective procedure enhances the overall treatment. Exfoliation and water are incorporated in this groundbreaking procedure to purify and reveal a more healthy appearance and a more luminous skin. For skin types with delicate skin that are looking for gentle but moisturizing exfoliation methods, hydrodermabrasion has proven to be the perfect choice. All types of skin, including those with acne, wrinkles or dull, dry, oily, or uneven skin tone, could get the benefit of hydrodermabrasion.

The pores appear to be smaller as congestion and oil are less. Additionally, it reduces the appearance of acne scars that are moderate swelling eyes, wrinkles and lines. The Hydrodermabrasion facial can take about an hour and the results are instant: radiant smooth, soft, and rejuvenated skin.

Microcurrent Facial

Since it's been around for a long time and is widely accepted by specialists, many doctors feel confident in recommending this procedure. It involves "training" your facial muscles to appear more slack and tightened using a low-voltage electrical current.

It's been utilized for therapeutic purposes since the 1980s and has been approved by the FDA as a stimulator of muscles to treat Bell's paralysis and muscle paralysis.

Microcurrent facials have been proven to reduce wrinkles, particularly around the forehead by stimulating cellular activity and relaxing and sloughing the connective tissues and muscles of the facial. Patients have reported seeing plumper skin, an impressive lift in the brows, the jawline is more defined, and more prominent cheekbones following treatment.

LED Facial

Similar to microcurrent facials, laser light facials were used for years, but they've gained popularity over the last few years, thanks to increasing numbers of face bars and spas offering this service.

LED Therapy is a safe treatment for cosmetics that exposes your skin to light which is later absorption into the surface in varying depths, triggering skin reactions. This stimulates cell growth and repair, which gives you a more radiant and younger-looking appearance. This treatment can treat various ailments, ranging from wrinkles and acne, to more difficult conditions such as Rosacea and Rosacea, based on the type and wavelength of light used.

If the LED light treatment appears as cutting-edge it's since it's. It was created by NASA to use for testing and research in space However, today, it's a fantastic instrument for skincare that can meet all your needs for self-care.

Lifting RF

Radiofrequency (RF) lifting, also referred to as radiofrequency skin tightening is a different non-invasive method of tightening the skin. The procedure is performed using the process of heating dermis using the help the energy wave. The collagen formation process is stimulated by the warmth.

Collagen is thought to be the most abundant protein naturally occurring on the skin. it's the reason for your skin's rigidity as well as structure. The problem is that skin cells are producing less and less collagen when we grow older, which causes wrinkles and skin that are sagging. The capacity of the human body to make collagen is thought to diminish when you reach the age of 35-40 and causes skin tightness. Since 2001 it is used to treat skin drooping as well as other signs of aging.

Oxygen Facial

One of the most recent trending areas in the industry of skincare is oxygen facial. The therapy claims to diminish the look of wrinkles and fine lines and increase blood flow and encourage collagen growth which results in a more youthful-looking skin.

A facial with oxygen is an process performed by an aestheticist. There is no medication administered to the body during the entire procedure, and no medications are employed, which is why it's considered to be a "nonmedical" procedure.

A beauty therapist will clean and scrub your face prior to beginning the procedure. Each spa has its own unique procedure for performing an oxygen facial, however the majority use a wand to release a flow of oxygen that is pressurized onto your skin's surface. The principle of an oxygen facial is that oxygenated skin cells appear more youthful and healthier. But, it's important to remember that this claim isn't scientifically supported.

Serums are then applied to the skin's surface by using a tool. The serum is typically made up of the chemical hyaluronic acid that is believed to plump the skin.

After you're familiar with the standard facial treatments available now is the time to look into the various professional facial equipment available. These equipments are classified according to the settings that they can be utilized in.

Skin Care Machines For Estheticians

Estheticians are specialists who specialize in beautification and care for the skin. The treatments for the skin that are aesthetic include exfoliation on the surface, body treatments such as waxing, massage, and naturally, facials are all performed by them. Here are the equipment that a professional esthetician must possess.

Microdermabrasion Facial Machines

Microdermabrasion machines, that use suction to exfoliate the skin and eliminate impurities, are used extensively in salons with professional services. They get rid of dead cells by using small crystals or diamonds leaving your skin clean and fresh. In recent times however, the home version of this machine was developed and homeowners are undergoing microdermabrasion at home.

Mesotherapy Facial Machines with No Needle

Mesotherapy is a needle-free Machine that makes use of an innovative procedure that incorporates electrophoresis and electroporation. The active ingredients that are injected by this device penetrate the surface of your skin, and get absorbed completely, producing an amazing result.

It's a great alternative to mesotherapy that isn't traditional, especially for people who aren't keen on dealing with painful needles. It's ideal for cellulite, adipose localized stretch marks, flabbiness and wrinkles throughout the phases. The mesotherapy procedure that is high-frequency promotes more hydrated skin, better condition and collagen production. It's a great part of a set of anti-aging therapies, and is ideal for moisturizing the skin post-summer by providing it with an energy boost. Vitamins and minerals help to firm and plump the skin, while also promoting new cell growth which makes it a great treatment for cellulite.

Facial Machines with RF-Lifting

The RF device, also called a radiofrequency machine uses heat to rejuvenate your skin. It is a radiofrequency-emitting heating gadget. These radiofrequency waves warm the tissues of your skin. They are believed to trick the body into thinking it's damaged.

Therefore, the damaged tissues are able to absorb collagen and growth factors in your system. As your skin produces additional collagen, it tightens and wrinkles are naturally reduced.

Ultrasonic Facial Machines

Ultrasonic facial treatments might be not widely known to people, however those who go to face clinics regularly will likely have heard of these treatments. These devices aid in cellular regeneration, which can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fill in wrinkled areas of the face and reduce inflammation, puffiness and even lighten dark spots on facial skin, reduce acne and many more.

A lot of people opt for this type of treatment because it's non-invasive. Even people with sensitive skin that has failed to react to other treatments have had success using ultrasonic devices for face.

Patients suffering from Rosacea have reported that the medication has helped them feel better and they haven't had any issues due to it. Ultrasonic facial machines are able to exfoliate clean pore congestion and even infuse skincare products into your skin.

Microcurrent Facial Machines

The equipment operates by putting a microcurrent wand at these specific areas and then delivering low-level electric energy to muscles to help them relax to provide them with a workout and possibly help them stay in shape and give greater definition of the skin. By sculpting and lifting the muscles of your face they can to tone your skin and create more defined cheekbones and chin regions.

Lighting with LED Facial Machines

A light machine with LEDs is a device that sends specific wavelengths of light from LEDs to the skin. These exact wavelengths of light are absorbed into the dermis layer of skin that houses the source of inflammation.

In the body, collagen is produced more fibrocytes, and elastin as a consequence from this procedure, and it enhances the function of cells. These naturally-occurring structural proteins and cells play an important role in preserving the appearance of youth in the skin.

LED light equipment can assist clinics to reach a larger customer base and generate more income quickly. Utilizing top-quality Medical LED lighting equipment one LED light therapy treatment can take as short than 15 mins. This is supported by numerous studies of its clinical effectiveness, as well. When it's promoted and utilized efficiently, it can provide a high ROI for practitioners due to its versatility in terms of therapeutic methods.

Galvanic Facial Machines

Spas use this machine to deliver an electric current that penetrates into the surface of your skin. The galvanic machine comes with two major purposes: one is to start deep cleansing of the skin, and the second is to facilitate lotion, cream and serum application deeply in the pores. This chemical method for deep cleansing converts natural oils found on the skin into soap to cleanse the dermis deep.

It also makes use of magnets to assist in the penetration of the product. Two poles are used using this current galvanic: both negative and positive. The positive pole is the one that hardens tissues, soothes nerves, reduces redness and eliminates bacteria. However the negative pole relaxes and softens tissue, irritations follicles and stimulates skin cells.

Oxygen Facial Machines

While they may appear futuristic and high-tech Oxygen facial machines are in use for at least 20 years. They are believed to improve the appearance of skin and stimulate collagen production by using serums that are "blasted" deeply into the skin using high-pressure oxygen pulses. A facial with oxygen is a pliable treatment that is able to be customized to meet the specific skin needs of any person, resulting in rejuvenated skin that is not requiring risky procedures.

The benefits of an oxygen facial are many The most notable benefits are smoothing small wrinkles and lines as well as removing any pigment-related anomalies and reducing inflammation and the effects of pollutants.

In simple terms it is a simple explanation of an oxygen facial machine. It is a piece of tech that can be used to give an oxygen facial using oxygen to revitalize your skin and stimulate collagen production. The oxygen utilized for the treatment is complemented with minerals, vitamins and essential elements, which results in softer, more plump skin. Oxygen facial machines are available in a range of styles sizes, shapes, and shapes that include professional and common models.

The results of the oxygen facial machine are awe-inspiring and there are a lot of happy recipients from these facial oxygen treatments and well-known celebrities who have experienced the benefits from oxygen-based facial therapies. The results that an oxygen face machine will accomplish for you depends on the specific needs of your skin. The options for treatment are numerous and may aid with the management of a broad variety of skin disorders. Each treatment comes with the benefit of keeping your skin healthy.

Cryo Facial Machines

The Cryo face machines are non-invasive instruments that aim to create the appearance of firmer, smoother skin. It utilizes a low temperature range to decrease local fat deposits, while also increasing the levels of collagen and elastin. It leaves your skin softer, smoother and looking younger overall.

Cryo facial devices are used to freeze certain regions of the body. Typically, they are frozen at temperatures as low as -4 degrees Celsius. This temperature is low enough to have the potential to dramatically decrease blood flow to the local area and cause arteries and veins to shrink. This triggers a process known as apoptosis or the death of fat cells, drastically reducing the amount of fat in the region.

Facial Analyzer

An analyzer for skin is a specialized device for evaluating the skin of your face which makes use of RGB as well as UV sources with spectral imaging technology in order to aid professionals in the detection of skin conditions.

Skin analyzers devices give the skincare community an enhanced analysis tool that provides an incredibly improved the experience of consulting on skincare and cosmetics. The latest software version allows faster photo-capturing and automated categorization of skin types and better facial feature recognition as well as other improvements.

It uses RGB, UV and PL spectrum image equipment to precisely and qualitatively assess the amount of spots and the density of spots, the number of pores, the number of wrinkles and more in addition to the negative effects of harmful cosmetics, ultraviolet radiation, and various other skin treatments.

Equipment for the Face for Med Spa

Med spas are the result of combining an medical spa and a day spa which offers non-surgical cosmetic procedures under the supervision of a licensed doctor. Here are the things that a medical spa must include.

IPL Facial Machines

The Intense Pulse (IPL) device for the face can be utilized to heal sunburns wrinkles, stretch marks, premature aging.

IPL face devices are handheld devices that emit bursts of broad-spectrum light directly in contact on the skin. It targets the skin's deep layers, which is ideal for the repair of damaged capillaries as well as UV damages and many other issues.

IPL devices have been utilized for quite a while to treat a range of skin problems, such as the removal of hair, skin discoloration as well as spider veins, acne and much more! Intense pulsed lights are also being used to treat dry eyes caused by evaporation nowadays.

Although the procedure is fairly straightforward, it should be carried out by a qualified medical professional to give the most impressive results and minimize any dangers.

CO2 Laser Equipment

CO2 Lasers are commonly employed to eliminate ugly acne marks. The lasers can create tiny pores in skin's most deep layer to regenerate collagen and fill in regions of loss of tissues caused by acne scars.

A CO2 laser produces a beam split into smaller beams. This results as tiny dot or treatment zones that are fragmented that are restricted to the targeted area. This means that the laser's energy only gets to the area that is damaged in a fraction. This enables the skin to heal faster than if the entire area was treated. When skin self-resurfacing is performed the skin is treated with a lot of collagen is produced to help with skin renewal and the skin appears younger and healthier.

Permanent Laser for Make-Up Removal

Make-up Removal Lasers are able to crush the pigments in damaged tissues by made up of high-intensity laser light beams created by a sapphire element. The laser's energy is released instantly and allows laser beams of specific wavelengths that penetrate through the epidermis and the skin's tissues tattooed during the timeframe of a specific period of time and rapidly crush matching pigments. They expand quickly and explode in a flash because of high temperatures.

The laser targets pigments on the dermal level and also blackheads and pores that are coarse. It also removes traumatic and foreign dyes like tattoos with colored colors, tattooed eyebrows or eyelines.

Facial Devices for Home Use

Whatever the accessibility of professional services are to people, they should still to have some skin care products at home. Here are some of the most common basic skincare items that every home should have.

Skin Scrubber

Skin scrubbers are a mobile device that makes use of ultrasonic technology to eliminate dead skin cells and dirt in a gentle manner. Ultrasonic waves aid in removing dirt, oil, and dirt from the pores, giving an attractive, healthy glow. The procedure is not abrasive and is a great way to achieve healthy skin, without irritation, reddening, and irritation that are frequently associated with other microdermabrasion procedures.

Eye Lifting Devices

The eye is the area of the face that shows the most obvious signs of age as well as exhaustion and stress. Our eyes are famous for revealing precisely the signs that our bodies are going through in all forms, from dark circles, to redness and eyebags. There are, thankfully eye-lifting equipment that are hand-held instruments that are used to massage the eye area. These devices make use of technology that ranges from simple jade rollers to sophisticated radiofrequency.

Lip Plumper Devices

The claim that lip plumpers make is that they will make your lips appear fuller in a matter of minutes, and the time it takes to see the results varies between 1 to 4 hours. But, the size of the device used to plump your lips is crucial since you need the one that is perfect for you.

They are typically made from hard plastic and are intended to function by self-suction, not pumps. You can alter the amount of augmentation by using self-suction to create a more attractive lip line and overall fullness of the lip.

This gadget for enhancing your lips is small enough to be tucked away in the beauty bag, and can be utilized prior to applying lipstick. Perfect for special occasions or for use on a regular basis, these tools for lip enhancing are an ideal choice for women who do not need costly and painful lip injections.

Blackhead Extractor Devices

Blackhead extractors can be described as vacuum-like devices which get rid of blackheads, oil and dirt accumulation. The majority of devices have different modes that raise the skin while allowing substances to penetrate deeply into your barrier of moisture Doctors believe that they are safe when they are set to the right settings. These devices for skincare are a great alternative to of expensive microdermabrasion in-office treatments.

Device for lifting the face

The devices for lifting the face, as the majority of other equipment for home use can be used as a low-cost alternative to costly professional treatments. The technology employed in these devices is different however the most common type of equipment used for facelifting at use at home includes the facial microcurrent. Of course, they're hand-held, portable versions of the microcurrent equipment used in spas.

The Best Facial Machines On The Market

After we've provided you with an understanding of the methods and equipment that are used in the current market and you may have zeroed in on the type of equipment you'll need for your business or home. In this case we've put together four options that we believe will offer the best value for your money.


The main purpose for machines is simplify our lives and professional spa equipment can do that. If you're looking to equip your spa with top-of-the-line facial equipment to make it stand out on the competition or simply for a facial tool that you can make use of at home, there's an option for you.

Before spending your cash It is helpful to know the different types of treatment and equipment available to ensure you get the right equipment to meet your requirements.

Facial equipment for your spa

What kind of equipment are required in the Spa?

Long-lasting and high-end facial equipment is one of the main components of any spa salon.

Where can you get the top facial equipment for professionals? Absolutely at Exquisite Depot.

As a result, here at Exquisite Depot we offer an abundance of high-quality items and esthetician equipment, ranging from skincare to equipment. Our expert team will help you select the best equipment to help your salon distinguish itself from the rest of the competition.

If you're looking for professional facial equipment, you're in the right location! First, you need to determine the function of your spa, as well as answer these questions.

  • What treatments for your face are you planning to offer?
  • How many customers do you plan to serve each day?
  • What is the amount of money you've allocated to purchase the item?

The answers to these questions will enable you to select which esthetic equipment is the best fit for your client's and your requirements.

Different Types Of Professional Facial Machines

Different kinds of beauty salons need different kinds of equipment. If the spa salon is being advertised as a top-quality spa that is innovative, it must employ cutting-edge methods and provide only the finest equipment. That is to say the higher the status is, the more costly efficient, contemporary, and modern the equipment for cosmetology should be. This is also true to the professionalism that your stylists have. Modern equipment for estheticians in spas isn't always simple to operate and therefore the need for certain abilities and knowledge is needed. The professional appearance of the staff members are essential indicators of top quality standards.

The flow of clients is another important aspect to consider when choosing models for estheticians, since you have to rely on the efficiency of your equipment. If you have 2-3 clients a day You should select models that are less expensive with less power for the engine and are designed to handle less load. With the large volume of clients it is possible to go with quality, long-lasting products. Exquisite Depot produces quality products specifically designed to handle the increased demand of customers. The cost of the equipment used by the most well-known brands is greater than that of products from lesser-known manufacturers However, investing in premium and more expensive equipment for facial care is very rewarding.

The best facial machine is efficient and effective It is therefore essential to consider the machines that are the most recent in design with the latest technology, innovations in technology, and innovative manufacturing techniques to maximize the value of your company.

What is the cost of an esthetician's equipment?

Of course, the cost of equipment will be crucial for the proprietor of the spa. We don't recommend you shop around for low-cost spa equipment when it comes down to high-end skincare equipment. In this scenario, most likely be of less quality. At Exquisite Depot, you can find an array of options to pick from, and you can pick the best model that has acceptable technical specifications that match your budget. If it turns out that the product you've been dreaming about isn't accessible, our discount program can help. Or check our sales segment! Perhaps you'll find the perfect bargain, your dream cosmetics tool and facial products at a lower cost.

Facial Equipment Package

Equipment for facial skincare is the base of a spa and is the determinant of the growth of your business

There are a variety of essential devices that are required in salons for spas. A typical list of facial equipment includes an ultrasonic cleanser, Microcurrent machines, an RF device and an ultrasound facial machine. If your salon for skin care is just opening and you are looking to buy a multifunctional device that performs basic capabilities. This will enable you to increase the range of treatments available and conserve a lot of space at the same time.

Multi-functional facial machines

They are able to be used to treat a variety of ailments.

Microdermabrasion machines

Apply a mechanical peel, and the results will be evident following one treatment. Microdermabrasion assists the skin to regain its previous elasticity and overall health.

Mesotherapy machines that do not require needles

Inject active ingredients into skin cells through electrical impulses. This non-invasive treatment is becoming increasingly sought-after, so it's now the right time to incorporate it into the services that your salon can offer.

Facial machines with RF-lifting

Revitalize clients' skin without surgery. Radio waves stimulate and activate fibroids, and after several sessions, clients will experience amazing improvements.

Ultrasound facial machines

Ultrasound therapy is a technique of injecting cosmetics in the surface layer of the skin using an ultrasonic wave, not an electrical impulse as mesotherapy that is needle-free. It's a small device that addresses the majority of skin issues. Ultrasonic scrubbers deep cleanse and tighten the skin. smooth wrinkles, and even warm-up cells.

Microcurrent therapy devices

Effectively stimulates the cell activity of the skin as well as muscles, blood vessels and lymphatics. It is the most effective type of facial treatment machine that has an the perfect balance of price and quality.

LED light therapy devices

For example LED light therapy machines are used for tightening skin, cleansing as well as moisturizing treatments for facials. There are stationary and portable models which will surely draw the attention of customers. One of the most popular LED light therapy devices we suggest is an LED Light Mask. It's lightweight, efficient and is sure to please customers!

Magnifying lamps

Another essential item that is essential for estheticians includes a magnifying lamps to study the skin of a patient in depth. This lamp (as cool facial machine with an electric motor) highlights the area, while the magnifying lens helps you get the smallest small details. The design of these lamps lets you alter their magnification, as well as adjust the tilt and turn of the lamp. A magnifying lamp may be bought separately or as an integral component of a multi-functional device.

Professional Skin Equipment for Skin

Here's a list of most popular professional facial equipment:

  • Mesotherapy machines that do not require needles
  • Hydrodermabrasion machines
  • Ultrasound facial machines
  • Lasers for hair removal
  • Oxygen facial machines
  • Ultrasonic scrubbers

What brands of facial equipment do you want to select?

The brand's reputation and the length of time it has been an important brand on the market are important elements to take into consideration which is especially applicable to high-end beauty equipment. So, prior to purchasing any device for your skin, consider the design, brand and reviews from customers.

The advantages of using Exquisite Depot:

  1. Top quality products. We test each machine under rigorous inspections and testing prior to shipping the machine to our customers.
  2. Innovative products that are the best. We look into numerous manufacturers in order to assist you in maximizing the success of your business.
  3. Prices that are competitive.
  4. We directly import equipment for facials.
  5. We carry all sorts of facial machines here at Exquisite Depot. Professional skincare machines as well as for use at home stationary and portable, multi- and monofunctional.


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