What causes acne?

Obstructed hair follicles can cause acne. There are many reasons for acne, including dead skin cells and excessive sebum production, bacterial infections, hormonal imbalances, and hormonal imbalances. Hemorrhoids can occur when these inflamed pores become blocked. Accurate treatment of acne starts at the source. This includes reducing oil production, inflammation, redness, and encouraging healthy skin cell renewal.

Here are some home remedies to treat acne.

1. Tea Tree Oil Tea tree oil is well-known for its ability to reduce inflammation and resist bacteria. It is particularly useful for treating acne scars. It’s as effective as benzoyl oxide but also reduces skin dryness and irritation. Tea tree oil can be used in a ratio of 9 to 1. This ratio can be diluted and then used.

2. Honey
For skin problems like acne, honey is used. Honey is rich in antioxidants, which help to remove dirt and pores from the skin. It has wound healing and antibacterial properties. You can either directly apply honey to the affected area or add honey to your mask.

3. Green Tea
Green tea is rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds that are good for your skin. The body can break down harmful chemicals and waste by using antioxidants. Green tea can reduce acne-causing bacteria, inflammation, and sebum production.

4. Aloe Vera
The transparent gel produced by Aloe vera, a tropical plant, is made from its leaves. Aloe vera is rich in sulfur and salicylic acid, which can be used to treat acne. Aloe vera gel can be extracted from fresh aloe and used directly on acne and the surrounding areas. It can also be washed off and put to bed.

5. Lemon
Lemon can be used to exfoliate, lighten the skin and as a preservative. Because of its acidic properties, lemon is a great disinfectant to reduce acne scarring and prevent new acne. It’s also one of the best home remedies for acne. After cleansing your face, apply a cotton ball to the affected areas with a cotton swab or cotton ball dipped into lemon juice. Rinse with cold water.

6. Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple cider vinegar is rich in malic acid as well as lactic acid, which can help dry skin and prevent future breakouts. Use a cotton ball to apply a small amount of apple cider vinegar to your skin. It is important to shake the mixture before using it. After 5-20 seconds, apply it to your skin and rinse it with water. Finally, dry it off with a towel.

7. Reduce Stress
Stress can increase skin irritation and sebum production, which may lead to acne. These pressures can cause a decrease in skin’s ability heal itself, which may delay the skin’s repair.

8. Regular exercise
Exercise can improve blood circulation, metabolism, and help regulate hormones. A rise in blood flow can help nourish skin cells which may be helpful in preventing and treating acne.

9.High Frequency Machine Handheld
High frequency facials are a skin treatment that can be used to treat and prevent severe acne and shrink enlarged pores.

High Frequency Acne Treatment Device

10. Microneedle

Microneedles are another treatment for acne. Microneedle treatments are used to stimulate collagen production by inserting tiny needles in the skin around acne scars. This collagen can improve the skin’s appearance and decrease the severity of acne. Although side effects may occur, the treatment is not harmful. The skin will be redder, more sensitive, and inflamed.

11. Led Light Photon Therapy

Led light is one way to get rid of acne and kill bacteria. Certain types of light are more sensitive than others to bacteria in the skin. These lights can kill bacteria by shining on the skin. Phototherapy can also reduce oil glands in the skin. This will prevent the formation of acne and oil clogging. 

LED Light Therapy for Acne


Microdermabrasion can be used to treat certain scarring conditions, such as acne scarring. It also removes dead skin cells from the pores. This procedure reduces oily skin and makes the skin appear smoother and more complex. More even. The dead skin and surface marks will disappear.

Microdermabrasion Machine

13.Cold Hot RF Machine

The skin cooling technology of cool radio frequency is used to diffuse heat energy from the inside to outside. The hot spot in the dermis is where the heat energy is distributed to the entire dermis layer. You can instantly shrink collagen tissue and stimulate deep collagen to reduce inflammation, regenerate, and treat acne.
Cooled Radio Frequency machine


There are many home remedies that can be used to treat acne. However, not all of them will work for everyone. If you have serious acne issues, it is best to see a professional.

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