Exquisite Ultrasonic 3.0 Machine with BIO Microcurrent Photon Pads


  • Storm Vacuum & Cavi Probe for Fat Concentrated Blasting
  • Storm Vacuum & RF Probe for Body Detox, Skin Tightening
  • Storm Bio & Photon for Clear Meridian, Helps with Fat Loss
  • Cavitation 3.0 Melts away Fat Cells And Disposes Of Excess Fat Cells

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Cavitation 3.0–A Whole New Technological Innovation

Using the strong sound wave head that concentrates the RF that emits with a frequency of 40,000HZ. After RF enters the human body, human cells produce an attack effect, and movement between fat cells effectively consumes energy and cell water, decreasing fat cells at the same time. The power output of the sound wave divides, causing a strong division between cells causing cell rupture and fat cell reduction, so as to achieve the effect of inhibiting fat.

5 advantages

1. New Ultrasonic Transducer
Based on cavitation 2.0 technology, we redesigned the new ultrasonic transducer, which has made it much stronger than the 2.0 version.
Ultrasonic Transducer of Cavitation 2.0: output of power in one point.
Ultrasonic Transducer of Cavitation 3.0: output of power covers all transducer surfaces.

2. Work efficiency
With a stronger power output of the ultrasonic transducer, it saves working time and improves the efficiency of each treatment.

3. Lower loss rate
High-quality and energy-saving handle materials are used to reduce the loss rate.

4. Storm Vacuum & Cavi probe, 2 functions double result.
Storm vacuum accumulates fat cellulite, and then Cavi achieves concentrated blasting.

5. Storm Bio & Photon, fixed points to clear the meridians.
Red Photon promotes metabolism and activates cells; Microcurrent Bio opens the meridians and acupoints for more effective shaping treatment.

Tips Before Using

1. Before using, clean the skin and apply appropriate beauty and skincare products to ensure normal operation of the instrument;

2. Remove any metal jewelry you wear to avoid weakening the effect of ion pulse before treatment;

3. Sensitive skin will have slight redness and swelling after usage; This is normal and will subside so on;

4. Use Storm Vacuum & Cavi Probe to burst fat, it is recommended not to exceed 2 times a week.

5. Apply gel during Storm Vacuum & Cavi Probe fat explosion operation, otherwise, there will be a certain loss of instrument effect.

6. During Storm Vacuum & Cavi Probe burst treatment, some customers may experience tinnitus (Ringing in Ears). This phenomenon is normal because this band has exceeded the range of human sound waves.

7. The Storm Vacuum & Cavi Probe gathering wave fat head of this instrument cannot be used on the head (above the neck). Not for glottis and sexual organs.

8. After treatment, the user should drink plenty of water to help flush the body.

Technical Specifications

Storm Vacuum & Cavi Probe
Ultrasound Cavitation 3.0
Frequency: 40KHz

Storm Vacuum & RF Probe
Vacuum: <-80kPa
Pressure: >250kPa
Airflow: >10L/minute
Noise level: <70dB (30cm away)

Storm Bio & Photon
Red light: 65W 75mw / cm2
Microcurrent Bio Frequency:1.5K

Packing List

1x Main Machine
1x Storm Vacuum & Cavi Probe
1x Storm Vacuum & RF Probe
6x Storm Bio & Photon Pads
2x Filter
1x Power Cord
2x Fuse
1x Set Holder
1x Set Belt

1x (pack)Filter Cotton

Additional information

Weight 26.4 lbs
Dimensions 26.3 × 20.4 × 14.17 in

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Sue Simmons

I love this product. Easy to use and super practical to keep you taking care of your skin.

James Riester

This device was stimulating, relaxing, and beneficial to my girlfriend's beauty regimen. It's very simple to use. This is useful not only for slimming but also for stimulating painful areas and applying beauty products. It is highly recommended as a gift as well.

Erica J.

This product is AMAZING! I've tried out a few others but nothing really compares to this one.

Reneé Rolando Anna

I was initially hesitant due to the price, but after a few uses in conjunction with diet and exercise, I notice a difference! I use it for 25 minutes on my abdominal section 5 days a week and have noticed a difference! It won't work overnight; you must be patient, eat healthy, and exercise with it, but I really like this device!! Please be realistic and understand that you cannot lose weight or body fat with this device alone; you must put forth some effort on your part!!! I've had this device for almost a month and have already lost inches from my waist!

Mae Lynn Brooks

I was so intrigued with the microcurrent because it is a hot topic and a very promising non-invasive way to rejuvenate your skin. Since I hit 30, my goal has been to spend less on professional treatments and preserve my skin’s health. I finally found the device that will fit your budget and your needs. If you’ve been looking to buy one of these devices for at-home use, you’ll love it. Thanks, Exquisite Depot for having these products. Big help!