Exquisite Double Handle Cold Sculpting 40K RF Photon


  • Intensive physical led to removing fat
  • Excess fat cells melted
  • Body slimming, cellulite reduction
  • Smooth fatigue
  • Remove obstruction from channels and collaterals
  • Promote and accelerate the body’s metabolism

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What is the Cryolipolysis treatment?

Cryolipolysis, commonly referred to as fat freezing, is a nonsurgical fat reduction procedure that uses cold temperature to reduce fat deposits in certain areas of the body. The procedure is designed to reduce localized fat deposits or bulges that do not respond to diet and exercise. It is not intended for people who are obese or significantly overweight.

What areas of the body are best suited for Cryolipolysis?

The Food and Drug Administration has approved Cryolipolysis to treat fat deposits beneath the chin, upper arms, inner and outer thighs, abdomen, hip/flank (“love handles”), upper back (“brassiere rolls”), lower back, and underneath the buttocks.

How are fat cells destroyed?

The technique is based on the finding that fat cells are more susceptible to damage from cold temperatures than other cells, such as skin cells. The cold temperature injures the fat cells. The injury triggers an inflammatory response by the body, which results in the death of the fat cells. Macrophages, a type of white blood cell and part of the body’s immune system, are “called to the injury location,” to rid the dead fat cells and debris from the body.

What happens during a fat-freezing procedure?

During the fat freezing procedure, a thin film is placed on the designated treatment area, which serves two purposes: to protect the skin from the cold temperatures (because they will be exposed for about an hour) and to help keep the applicator sealed to the client’s body.

What are the common effects after the procedure?

The Cryolipolysis procedure is completely non-invasive, which allows immediate return to normal activities such as work or exercise. Redness may appear in the treated area and may last from a few minutes to a few hours. Some localized bruising or swelling may occur, which clears within a few weeks. Many patients experience a temporary dulling of sensation in the treated area, lasting one to eight weeks.

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