Exquisite 4 in 1 Cavitation RF EMS Contour Machine


    • Unoisetion 40KHz Cavitation Cellilute Reduction
    • Radio Frequency For Face And Small Area of Body
    • Electrode Stimulator For Muscle Training
    • Electronic Pads For Breast Massage Lifting

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4 In1 using cavitation and radiofrequency, and the EMS muscle treatment targets the fat cells broken specifically. Unoisetion cavitation 2.0 photon vacuum RF slimming treatment helps you end the struggle with stubborn pockets of fat that won’t seem to shift even with exercise.

What Can Cavitation 2.0 Machine Do?

The ultrasonic wave of the cavitation 2.0 breaks down the fat deposits and is subsequently eliminated by the radio frequency by promoting blood flow under the outer layer of skin.
The advantage of this cavitation 2.0 machine is that it can be used to target fat, wrinkles and improve the skin texture through continuous use

What Problems Can Be Solved?

– Breaks the fat adipocytes into liquid.
– Eliminate local fat deposits and achieve a slimming shape.
– Tighten the skin, improve the face body line.
– Lymphatic drainage and body relaxation.
– Pigmentation reduction, circulation improvement
– Muscle Training and relaxing, breast care

How Long Does It Take To See Results From Ultrasonic Cavitation?

Most customers experienced a significant reduction in measurements after their first treatment, with some recording 5 inches but losing an average of 2 inches.

Technical Specifications

Power supply Input:100V-240V

40K Cavitation 2.0 Handle

Sextupole RF Handle

Bipole RF handle
Frequency: 1MHZ

Muscle Stimulator
Voltage: 240V/50Hz or 220V/50Hz or 120V/60Hz
Rated power: <=40W
Working current: <=50MA
Pulse output: 10 channels
Maximum treatment time: 90 minutes
Pulse waveforms: 5 modes
Pulse frequency: 30Hz/s ~ 800Hz/s
Pulse power: 0 ~ 270 angels adjustable
Pulse speed: 3 levels adjustable
Shink time: 0.1 ~ 5s
Loose time: 0.1 ~ 5s

Package List

1 x Main Machine
10 Pairs x EMS Muscle Training Pads
1 Pair x Breast Massage Pad
11 Set x Wires for Pads
1 x Holder
1 x 40K Unoisetion Cavitation 2.0 Handle
1 x 6-Polar 3D SMART RF Handle With Photon
1 x 3-pole 3D SMART RF Handle With Red Photon
1 x Power Cord

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs

Customer Reviews

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Ana Mendoza Lachuma

Purchased this machine and can say enough. I can already see results and am pleased with the purchase. I’ve had 5-6 sessions and I can tell a difference in my face and tummy for sure. I’ll update as I continue these treatments, but I can see a difference already. I have nothing but good things to say about Exquisite Depot!