GE GREEN05P 1/2-HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal


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GE GREEN05P 1/2-HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal
At GE Appliances, we bring good things to life, by designing and
building the world’s best appliances. Our goal is to help people improve
their lives at home by providing quality appliances that were made for
real life. Whether it’s enjoying the tradition of making meals from
scratch or tackling a mountain of muddy jeans and soccer jerseys, GE
Appliances are crafted to support any and every task in the home.

  • Finer
    grind – even the toughest foods get a finer grind with this high-power,
    high-speed pulverizing disposal, which has maximum durability for
    long-lasting performance
  • Jam-free
    guarantee disposal – this food waste grinder’s jam-free guarantee means
    your pipes will stay clean and won’t clog, applies when used according
    to owner’s manual
  • Recycle your
    food waste – get solutions to food waste with a disposal that safely and
    efficiently grinds leftover scraps, minimzing what goes to the landfill
    and keeping your pipes clean
  • Easy
    installation – with this DIY, easy installation food disposal, setup
    only takes a few steps, everything you need is in the box, and it’s
    complete 3-bolt design makes it a universal install
  • Septic
    safe – enjoy the convenience of a septic safe food disposal that works
    with properly maintained septic system, additional accessories are not
  • Compact garbage disposal –
    smaller than a standard garbage disposal, this compact disposal frees
    up valuable storage space beneath the sink
  • Reduce
    waste – this anti-jam food disposal reduces waste and keeps kitchens
    clean by easily grinding food scraps, making it easier to minimize food
    sent to landfills
  • 34 oz. grind
    chamber capacity – extra-large 34 oz. grind chamber capacity lets you
    grind more types of food, so you can reduce food waste and keep your
    kitchen clean, this is the recommended food disposal for a family of 2
    to 4 people
  • Quiet garbage
    dispoal – experience reduced noise without sacrificing power, thanks to
    this dispoal’s heavy-duty, high-speed motor with a quiet power sound
    reduction system
  • 1/2 HP motor – a
    reliable 1/2 HP motor helps this garbage disposal quickly reach its
    maximum spin speed, so it can grind food faster without jamming or
    clogging, this is the recommended high-speed disposal for a family of 2
    to 4 people
  • Over 2,600 RPM –
    perfect for owners who cook often, this over 2,600 RPM food disposal
    spins at a high speed to finely grind tough foods like cooked meat,
    beans, seeds and potato peels
  • Stainless
    steel grinding impellers – this anti-jam garbage disposal is designed
    with durable, rust-resistant stainless steel grinding components that
    stay sharp longer than other metals
  • Power cord included – save time during installation with a garbage disposal power cord, attached to your unit and ready to go
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