Exquisite 2 in 1 Mini Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine


  • Compact and stylish, convenient to carry, & easy to use
  • Provides glowing clean skin, deep moisturizing, & skin firmness
  • Exfoliating to reduce fine lines
  • Clean excess oil, shrink pores

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This hand-held personal Microderm system has 2 built-in functions — diamond microdermabrasion therapy and vacuum therapy. You can get amazing skincare results right at home!

Diamond bits do not require replacement, making this an excellent value over competitor products for less than half the money!

Diamond Microdermabrasion provides a non-surgical skin resurfacing procedure by using sterile diamond heads to peel and rub off the dead cells at the top skin layer followed by vacuuming/suction removing particles along with any dirt and dead skin.

The Vacuum function cleans dirty pores through suctioning tubes and increases blood circulation in the skin. Helps give elasticity to the skin and can decrease discoloration from acne and scars.

Strong suction pressure and quality diamond tips provide a professional quality microdermabrasion treatment without the hassle and cost. It has an LED display, built-in timer, and 3 level suction strengths (soft, medium, and strong).


-Small head: For sensitive skin use, weak suction
-Oval head: Lighten wrinkles, lifting, and tightening
-Large head: Super-strong suction, for blackhead and acne use, should be used during the treatment to prevent swelling
-Remove acne marks(D150) Dermabrasion head would remove the aging horny skin layer, leaving skin lustrous
-Remove Dead Skin(D180) Comes with a specific sucker, do away with aging skin layers, helpful for improving skin complexion.
-Remove scars(D220)Lighten scars through vacuum suction; promote blood circulation.

Package Listing

1 x Unit
3 x Diamond tips
3 x Ventouses for vacuum suction,
1 x Bag of cotton filters
1 x Universal AC adapter (100-240V 50/60 Hz)

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Carolyn Stern

This product has been in my possession for nearly a year. Skin appears younger and tighter. Simple to use. I highly recommend it.

Stacie Young

It was an excellent birthday present for my sister. She is interested in skin care and has always wanted a microdermabrasion machine. This machine is inexpensive, simple to use, and appears to be effective. She hasn't used all of the tips, but she has tried both the diamond and suction tips. She's only had this machine for about two weeks, but she's already noticed slightly smoother skin and tighter pores. I might get one for myself as well.

Leah Jenkins

Purchased refills. I quickly go through the filters. I'm hoping the machine lasts long enough to go through all of the refills.

Merissa Villar

Suction is powerful, I took a star off for that, I think it's TOO powerful. I can't imagine using it higher than the lowest setting.

Kerry Boland

This product appeals to me. It appears to work well in my opinion. Just don't stay in one place for too long, and you'll be fine! Cleanse your face. Then operate the machine. After that, apply your toner, serums, and moisturizer. Use only 1-2 times per week. Also, be cautious when using it around your lips. It's very delicate there, and the machine can be quite ferocious.