America’s Test Kitchen: Let’s Get Cooking (DS)


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America’s Test Kitchen: Let’s Get Cooking (DS)

  • Everyone in the family can get involved. The software offers up
    age-appropriate kitchen tasks, so settings can be adjusted to indicate
    whether younger helpers are old enough to handle knives or adjust
    stovetop controls.
  • Everyone involved in the cooking process can rate favorite recipes.
    When you’re looking for a family favorite in the future, a search
    function makes retrieval easy.
  • If the cooks in your party don’t know a marinade from a marmalade,
    prompts appear within recipes for specific terms that they might need
    more information about. Users can then watch helpful how-to videos to
    show them what to do.
  • If multiple people on your cooking team have Nintendo DS systems,
    you can wirelessly transmit select recipes to them, even if they don’t
    have a copy of the game card. That lets you concentrate on the entrée
    while your assistants tackle the side dishes.
  • Just as with a traditional cookbook, users can take notes. The
    software’s handwriting-recognition feature records notes about personal
    touches users add to their recipes.


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